Battlefield 1 – General Beginner Tips

In this chapter, you will find useful general tips, thanks to which you will quickly and easily improve your score on the battlefield.

Enemy Marking

If you see an enemy, aim at him and press the mark button (if you do not know who it is, open the chapter of the manual called “Management”). This will make it visible on the minimap and it will have a red icon above it that your entire team can see. This is especially useful for snipers who may not be able to see everything at once.


The minimap can provide you with very useful information related to the battlefield. What’s more, you can see enemies tagged by someone on your team, including infantry, vehicles, and aircraft. In addition, you can see the position of all allies and points on the map. Use it. Don’t forget to use the zoom in and zoom out option on the map, as well as the ability to show a map of the entire battlefield.

Please revive

In Battlefield 1, Medics have equipment that allows them to revive fallen allies. If you want one of them to notice your body and begin to restore you, after death you must request restoration. To do this, click the button that appears in the lower right corner. An icon will appear above your body that all medics can see.


At the beginning of each match, you must choose a team. If you play with your friends, join their team. If you are playing alone, join a team with more players. Thanks to this, you will receive more points, for example, for team assistance, team resurrection, etc. In addition, the leader can mark one goal, such as a flag or a transmitter. For trying to get them, team members will receive more points. If you are a leader and want to tag a target, hover over the target letter icon and click the tag and chat button.

use the gun

The rifles of the First World War are not very accurate and powerful. Sometimes it may happen that you will no longer have ammunition. In this case, if you have nowhere to hide, instead of waiting to reload, take out your gun and try to fight it. If you have programmable mouse buttons, mount your pistol under one of them so you can save precious seconds during combat.

hand-to-hand combat

During an unexpected encounter with an enemy at short range, it is sometimes better to attack him in close combat than to use a weapon. This action has many benefits. This will give you more points, you won’t waste ammo, and more importantly, it’s much quieter – enemies won’t detect your position.

bayonet charge

If you use a weapon with a bayonet, you can charge. Within a few seconds, your soldier will move much faster than usual. To activate the charge, while sprinting with the main weapon, you must press the melee attack button. While attacking, you can kill your opponent with one hit. This is a very good and fast way to destroy enemies during direct encounters. You can also use a temporary speed boost, for example to escape.

Avoid duels with scouts

Assault, Medic, and Utility class weapons are much less accurate than Scout Rifles. Because of this, if you see a marked scout at a distance of more than 50 meters, do not engage in a fight with him, because your chances of winning will be very small. In such a situation, you should try to sneak up on him and draw him in a shorter distance. You can also hide in a safe place and wait until one of the snipers on your team sees him.

Gas masks

In Battlefield 1, soldiers can use gas grenades. If you find yourself in a poisoned area, you will start to lose health points. In this case, you must wear a gas mask. The corresponding button will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. While wearing the mask, your vision is limited and you can only shoot from the hip.

Elite classes

Elite class equipment that you can pick up is located in different places on the maps. Such weapons include, for example, a flamethrower. Feel free to use this equipment whenever you have the opportunity, as the weapons of these classes are superior to the standard ones.

Use of horses

When you ride a horse, you become a target that is very hard to hit and you can easily take out the enemies using your saber. Avoid shooting while riding and pay even more attention to keeping moving while using this class. Use your rifle only when you are forced to, you should fight with melee weapons most of the time.

avoid fire

If you are set on fire, lie down on the ground and in a moment the fire will go out. If you have all 100 health points, you will not die immediately. In such a situation, ask for a first aid kit from your medic, as it will certainly be useful.


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