Battlefield 1 – How to unlock new weapons?

image1 317 Battlefield 1 - How to unlock new weapons?

To unlock a specific weapon, you need to have a certain class level and a sufficient number of military connections. You will gain a class level by scoring points with that particular class on the battlefield. These points are rewarded for basically anything from kills and assists, to capturing points, down to simply marking enemy targets. However, you can only progress at a certain class level by scoring points with that particular class. Most weapons are unlocked at level 3, although there are a few rifles that you can only purchase after reaching level 10 in a given class.

Warbonds are the currency that you will have to spend to unlock each weapon. You get them every time you increase your overall Player Rating. This rank is also obtained by earning points, but it doesn’t matter which class or vehicle you got those points with.

How to quickly get levels and combat connections?

Complete tasks on the map

Capturing flags or equipping stations with explosives always gives soldiers a lot of experience. Capturing the flag along with neutralizing it will earn you 1,000 points. This is 10 times more than a normal murder. This shows that just getting kills is not the most important thing on the battlefield. The best way to earn points is to use a horse or light armored vehicle on the conquest map. Remember that the fewer players on the server, the better.

Perform actions associated with a command

Bonuses for actions performed in the squad are very significant. They can come in the form of bonuses for fulfilling the orders of the squad leader. On a real battlefield, the commander usually does not order the squad to attack a specific point, but rather the commander issues an order on the point that teammates are attacking in order to get extra points. If your squad leader is not giving orders to the squad, change it or start a new squad. Even in single player mode, you can give orders to yourself and get a bonus.

Reviving, healing, helping teammates, etc. are also highly encouraged, so you should always be close to your team members.

Play until the end of the match

Rewards for filling the map are issued after it ends. This way you can score a very high amount of points, so always stay until the very end.

Watch out for medals

Every few days, the medals that you can get in games change. They usually require simple actions, such as winning a round in a certain mode. When loading a game, go to the medal menu and click on any medal to start tracking its requirements. You must do this in order to start the specified tasks. You will be rewarded with 1,000 experience points.


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