Battlefield 2 Iran Conflict download torrent For PC

Battlefield 2 Iran Conflict download torrent

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Battlefield 2 Iran Conflict download torrent add-on that tells about the events that took place on the territory of Iran. The American army, for which you will play, invaded Iran and began military operations there. You have to destroy enemy opponents, fighting on different fronts, using a variety of weapons and military equipment. Download the game and start playing it, fighting for your own life and protecting your allies.

Game process

In the Battlefield 2 Iran Conflict game, you will have to destroy all the main antagonists of the opponent’s army, as well as their minions and all Taliban lovers. This time, the US military will free the ordinary Iranian people from their rulers and authoritarian regime. The state wants to introduce a nuclear program and strike at the most vulnerable points in North America. Try to stop their zeal and destroy them before they reach their goal. For this, the best group of US saboteurs was sent to the territory of Iran, under your leadership. Become a real leader for them, give orders, after which the military bases of Iran will be defeated and destroyed. Do everything possible to prevent the Iranians from launching nuclear missiles towards the United States. Otherwise, it will be a nuclear worldwide catastrophe, because the Third World War will begin. All battles will unfold in the hottest spots. You need to arm yourself as best as possible, equip yourself with the best equipment and weapons in order to adequately resist the enemies. Fight not only on foot, but also on tanks, armored personnel carriers, helicopters and combat aircraft. Let the enemies be stupefied by your volley strikes on the cities of Iran. Remember that enemy units also have plenty of weapons and equipment, so that they can adequately meet you and fight back. You must prepare well so as not to be embarrassed and still not retreat at the very last moment. In addition, mines are also scattered on their territory. Try to disarm all opponents by disarming bombs and leaving your own. But they will not be displayed on the map, which increases your load.

Features Battlefield 2 Iran Conflict

  • interesting battles;
  • many confrontations;
  • high difficulty of the game;
  • a bunch of weapons, equipment;
  • constant search for items;
  • exploration of the world.

Download torrent Battlefield 2 Iran Conflict should be everyone who loves Battlefield.

System requirements

  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 512 MB RAM
  • Video: 3D graphics accelerator with 128 MB of video memory, with support for pixel shaders version 1.4
  • Audio: Sound card compatible with directX 9.0


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