Battlefield 5 – Assault missions and role on the battlefield

The Stormtrooper is the best class for people who like to fight on the front lines and face opponents in direct combat. To be effective, he must rely on a Medic and Support to provide him with ammo and health packs, although a Scout will be useful if he clears the area of ​​enemy snipers.

The attack aircraft was created to achieve the goals and objectives of any regime. He also has the best weapon to fight the tech.


The choice between the Light Infantry subclass and the Tank Slayer should come down to answering the question: what role does our attack aircraft play on the battlefield? If there are tanks and they interfere with our team, we should focus on destroying them. If, on the other hand, we’re concentrating on infantry, or there simply aren’t any tanks in the mode at all, then choosing Light Infantry seems more reasonable.

  • Light Infantry – Finds more ammo left behind by killed enemies and also regenerates more health than others.
  • Tank Storm (subclass available from level 8) – shows the vehicles that were damaged by him on the map, and also provides additional supply points for destroyed combat vehicles.

Stormtrooper weapon (primary)

The Assault class has 8 main weapon models. There are assault rifles and semi-automatic assault rifles.

  • Sturmgewehr 1-5 – assault rifle (available from the start) – rate of fire at level 670, two firing modes (burst and single shot), 31 rounds in the magazine.
  • Gewerh 43 – repeating rifle (available from level 1) – rate of fire at level 300, 10 rounds per clip.
  • M1A1 Carbine – Multiple shotgun (available from level 5) – 450 rate of fire, 16 rounds in the magazine.
  • M1907 SL – assault rifle (available from level 8) – rate of fire at level 770, two firing modes (burst and single shot), 16 bullets in the magazine.
  • SMLE Turner – Multiple Rifle (Available from level 10) – 360 rate of fire, 10 rounds per magazine.
  • StG 44 – assault rifle (available from level 13) – rate of fire at level 600, two firing modes (series and single shot), 31 rounds in the magazine.
  • Selbstlader 1916 – multiple rifle (available from level 16) – rate of fire 225, 26 rounds.
  • Gewerh 1-5 – self-loading rifle (available from level 20) – rate of fire 360, 31 rounds.

Stormtrooper weapon (optional)

The Assault class has 7 additional weapons, including six pistols and one revolver.

  • P38 pistol – pistol (available from level 1).
  • Ruby – pistol (available from level 3).
  • M1911 – pistol (available from level 5).
  • P08 pistol – pistol (available from level 7).
  • Repetierpistole M1912 – pistol (available from level 11).
  • Revolver Mk VI – revolver (available from level 15).
  • Liberator – pistol (available from level 19).

Grenades and Gadgets

The attack aircraft has three types of grenades and five gadgets.

  • Frag Grenade (available from the start) – Explodes after a few seconds.
  • Incendiary Grenade (available from level 2) – when used, a fire starts; and opponents burn even when they leave the affected area.
  • Anti-tank grenade (available from level 9) – a grenade that works great against combat vehicles, dealing a lot of damage to them.
  • Panzerfaust (available from the start) – a grenade launcher that works great against combat vehicles.
  • PIAT (available from level 11) is a grenade launcher that works well in combat with vehicles, but is also effective against infantry.
  • Sticky Dynamite – Great for fighting vehicles and infantry, and can also destroy buildings.
  • Grenade Launcher (Available from level 4) – A grenade launcher that works well against infantry.
  • Anti-tank weapon (available from level 6) – explodes when vehicles pass by. Very effective against tanks. It should be installed in places where a tank can appear.

Vehicle destruction

The Stormtrooper has the most potential for destroying vehicles. To do this, he can carry up to three items (a grenade and two gadgets). Thanks to this, his anti-tank strength, unlike a medic, scout or support, is the largest. It’s worth using especially against tanks. The Stormtrooper has a total of 5 items that are used to destroy vehicles.

Timing is key when dealing with ground vehicles. When we see the tank, it will quickly destroy us. So the element of surprise is important here. You should not rush in the forehead, but attack the technique from behind. Then there is a chance that the enemy will not notice you.


At distances, grenade launchers such as PIAT or Panzerfaust, as well as anti-tank grenades, will come in handy. The mine does a lot of damage, but you have to put it on the road, and you must know for sure that vehicles will pass here. Velcro dynamite is also very helpful in dealing with vehicles, but you need to use it carefully, because in order to install it you need to get very close to the tank.

The battle

The attack aircraft must fight on the front line. His weapon fires fast and does a lot of damage. The class can also fight effectively at medium ranges. Self-loading rifles will be useful for this purpose.

The attack aircraft must capture flags or plant explosives. His role is no less important in protecting the base.

Tips, tricks and tactics

Playing as a stormtrooper, do not leave the team. To stay alive for a long time, you need a Medic to heal your wounds and revive you if needed, as well as a Support class to provide you with ammo.

Shoot in short bursts at long range. It will be easier for you to control the recoil and aim at the enemy.


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