Battlefield 5 – Multiplayer Modes – Conquest: Aim, Tactics & Tips

The most popular multiplayer in the Battlefield series.

Conquest mode was just made for Battlefield. First appeared in the first issue of the 2002 Battlefield 1942 series. Each subsequent part can no longer do without this mode. On servers, this game mode is most often chosen.

Conquest is similar to Dominate in terms of game flow. You must win and protect the flags. The more bases we capture and the longer we hold them, the higher our score will be. Similarly, the rate at which points decrease depends on the number of flags captured (the fewer flags we have, the faster we lose points).

Killing enemies also has an effect, although to a much lesser extent. Each death of our opponent reduces the number of points of the enemy team by 1.

The round of conquest lasts about 25-30 minutes.

Brief characteristics of the mode:

  • Purpose of the game: Capture and defend the flags
  • Number of players on the server: up to 64.
  • Win Conditions: The team with the most points wins. The game ends automatically when one side loses all points.
  • Maximum game duration: 45 min.
  • Clash of infantry and often vehicles (including tanks and aircraft) on large maps.

The number of flags depends on the map. There are places where there will be only 3, and up to a maximum of 7. However, their number usually ranges from 4-6.

No more than 64 people (32 out of 32) take part in the clashes. The match ends when either team’s result drops to zero – the side with the most points wins. If time runs out, the round will also end.

In conquest mode, cooperation is very important. You are unlikely to be able to capture the target and protect it alone. The more allies in the capture zone, the faster you will capture them. A similar situation with the protection of the flag – you will not be able to independently resist a group of attackers.

It is worth moving around the map with the team. Even if you die, someone from the squad will be able to reanimate you, and in the worst case, when you die, you can be reborn.

When attacking bases controlled by your opponent, don’t forget about the flanks. Obviously, the enemy will expect a frontal attack, so try to go from the rear or side. The element of surprise in Battlefield is very important. Thanks to this, a weak team can defeat a strong one.

In Conquest, controlling certain targets is more important than capturing them. And this is not because capturing some flags will bring more points, but because there are no special bonuses for obtaining and maintaining a certain goal. This is because some outlets are located in more strategic locations than others and holding them allows faster access to supplies in other areas. For example: you have captured the bridge and this point will give your team the opportunity to respawn in this place, from where you can quickly get to other areas.

It should also be added that Grand Operations is a mode consisting of several rounds. And one of them could be Conquest.


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