Battlefield 5 – Tasks and role of scouts on the battlefield

It would seem that playing as a sniper is very simple. You just need to lie down in the right place, aim and shoot. Nothing could be easier. If you haven’t played a Battlefield game before, you’ll probably learn how to play Scouts most of the time.

A good sniper can help a team mark enemies and clear an area where sinister scouts are hiding.


Scout subclasses are radically different. If you prefer to play close to the enemies, choose the Scout option. The Sniper sub-class is better suited for longer ranges if we prefer to stay behind and kill opponents from a safe place.

  • The sniper will mark enemies as he damages them with his weapon, and he can hold his breath longer (each headshot extends a short breath hold duration).
  • Scout (subclass available from level 8) – places a respawn marker, thanks to which team members can be respawned, for which they receive additional supply points. In addition, the scout himself can respawn next to a marker that does not belong to his unit.

Reconnaissance weapons (primary)

The scout has 7 main weapon models. Carbines and semi-automatic rifles are available. The former have a higher rate of fire but deal less damage. And semi-automatics are ideal for shooting at long distances. One accurate headshot knocks the enemy down.

  • Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I – automatic rifle (available from the start) – high stability, average damage, and as many as 10 rounds in the magazine.
  • Model 8 – automatic rifle (available from level 1) – high rate of fire is the biggest advantage; 5 rounds in the magazine.
  • Gewehr M95/30 – Multiple Rifle (Available from level 6) – A very good rifle that is characterized by high accuracy and damage; 5 rounds.
  • ZH-29 – automatic rifle (available from level 10) – more damage, but slower rate of fire.
  • Krag-Jorgensen – automatic rifle (available from level 13) – less damage and rate of fire than Gewehr M95 / 30, but better stability.
  • RSC – automatic rifle (available from level 16) – the parameters of this weapon are similar to Model 8, but it has one cartridge more in the magazine.
  • Kar98k – automatic rifle (available from level 20) – the slowest rate of fire of all types of scout weapons.

reconnaissance weapons

The sniper has 7 models of additional weapons, including six pistols and one revolver.

  • P38 pistol – pistol (available from level 1).
  • Ruby – pistol (available from level 3).
  • M1911 – pistol (available from level 5).
  • P08 pistol – pistol (available from level 7).
  • Repetierpistole M1912 – pistol (available from level 11).
  • Revolver Mk VI – revolver (available from level 15).
  • Liberator – pistol (available from level 19).

Grenades and Gadgets

The scout has 3 types of throwable items and 5 gadgets.

  • Frag Grenade (available from the start) – Explodes after a few seconds.
  • Smoke grenade (available from level 2) – creates a cloud of smoke for a few seconds; through this we become invisible.
  • Throwing knife (available from level 9) – you can kill the enemy from a safe distance.
  • Observation Optics (available from the very beginning) – used to mark enemies. Their position is visible on the mini-map also for members of the recon team.
  • Flare pistol (available from level 4) – a projectile fired into the air reveals enemies in a small area.
  • Anti-personnel mine (available from the very beginning) – when the enemy stumbles upon it, it explodes and deals damage to all enemies in close range; best used in narrow aisles and buildings.
  • Spawn Marker (available from level 6) – Placing it on the ground creates a spawn point that can be used by team members and the scout who placed it there.
  • Sniper’s Scarecrow (available from level 11) is a mannequin that imitates the figure of a soldier, confusing the enemy. If the enemy starts shooting at him, his location will be revealed.

Marking opponents and vehicles

In addition to destroying enemies at a great distance, the main task of the scout is to mark enemies. The sniper, using his gadgets, optics and flare gun, as well as his weapons, can locate and mark enemies and vehicles.

To detect enemies, simply pull out the optics. When an enemy is detected, it will be marked automatically (a red icon will appear above it). The position of these opponents will also appear on the mini-map.

The flare gun works differently, but is needed for the same purpose. The flash will mark all rivals in a small area. The position of each enemy that will be in this zone will be marked on the mini-map.

A Scout with the Sniper subclass, thanks to the advantage of the Falcon, hitting the enemy will also mark him.

The battle

The scout’s advantage is distance. The bigger, the better. Sniper Rifles are effective at any range, and by keeping our distance, we increase the chances of fighting Medics, Stormtroopers, and Supports.

When you play as a scout, look for the right place to shoot. A sheltered hill would be a better place than an empty valley road. The sniper must seek cover in the form of rocks, buildings, fences, and other objects.

When you lie down, the stability of our weapons will improve. Then, when aiming, it will be easier to hold the rifle and accurately aim it at the enemy.

Tips, tricks and tactics

  • In this class, the most important thing is the weapon. At close range it is better to use secondary weapons. Several accurate shots will kill the enemy.
  • By using the appropriate button (Shift on PC), the Scout can hold his breath, which improves aiming stability for a moment (weapons don’t shake as much).
  • If you want to be less visible, use mechanical sights. Zooming optics give out the position of an opponent who sees the flash of the lens. Mechanical sights do not get as close, and this is what makes the scout get closer to the enemy.
  • There are two ways to play sniper.
  • First, we sit in the rear, mark the enemies and use optics with a large zoom to make it easier for us to hit the opponent.
  • Second, we play more aggressively, get closer to the goals, and for this we can get more points;
  • Scout is better suited for large and open maps. Playing a sniper in urban areas is much more difficult due to the surrounding buildings, which reduces the distance between him and the enemy.
  • If we want to help the team, first of all eliminate the enemy scouts. They are relatively easy targets because they usually stand still. A running soldier is much harder to kill.
  • When aiming at an enemy from a very long distance, do not aim directly at the head, but a little higher. Bullet drop must be taken into account.


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