Battlefield Mobile has appeared on Google Play in select countries

Electronic Arts has added a Battlefield Mobile page to Google Play. So far, it is available in some countries in Asia, perhaps a hint of a trial run.

Battlefield Mobile has appeared on Google Play with screenshots. The developers promise huge battles with tanks and destruction of the environment. Also, gamers will get everything they have come to expect from the Battlefield series. For example, they can overtake a falling building on an ATV and fire RPGs while parachuting.

The classes will be available for attack aircraft, support, medic and scout. For uniforms they will give weapons, skins, special gadgets and more. EA emphasizes that the player himself can choose how to win the match: through tactics, destruction, stealth or tank battles. As for the graphics, in the screenshots it looks at the level of Battlefield 3. The character customization seems to be taken from Call of Duty Mobile, there is nothing new here. There is no release date for Battlefield Mobile yet, probably we will have a trial launch, as with Apex Legends Mobile. Previously, some foreign publications wrote about the soft launch at the end of the summer.

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