Battlefield V – How to Win Firestorm

Use these tips if you want to win the battle royale mode in the latest version of Battlefield.

Battlefield V has switched to Firestorm mode, an experimental battle royale module that is new to Electronic Arts’ flagship shooter. Fans of this genre are thrilled because the clashes take place here on a massive map nearly ten times the size of the Hamada Desert (the largest map in Battlefield 5). The new mode was an excuse for the creators to introduce interesting solutions that can be seen as a variation of the game format that is still applicable to the online Battlefield modes, while maintaining the specifics of the unique way of creating a game in almost every Battle Royale game.

One of the hardest elements that you just have to get used to in Firestorm is the destructive environment – especially if you’ve played Apex Legends for a long time (and you’re used to the special way individual heroes move, including sliding) or Fortnite (a specific building model). It’s also worth noting that Firestorm is far from perfect – if you look at the phantom collection system and the non-intuitive equipment controls, there’s a huge chance you’ll have a lot of great moments here.

The following guide was created primarily to help you gain an edge over the competition—one that will help you win (or at least increase your chances of achieving it). Before playing, make sure you learn the five most important Storm of Fire-related ways – they can save you and make you dominate the competition.

1. Reduce the chance of being detected on the battlefield!

When you first approach Firestorm, you will be given the option to choose a soldier from one of four main classes. While the classes themselves do not provide you with excessive advantages on the battlefield, they allow you to maintain the look and feel of a player-controlled character. Visibility is one of the most important issues in battle royale games, so if you can’t blend in with the environment, it’s possible to drastically increase your chances of winning early on.

Halvoy, the battle royale map from the latest Battlefield, is characterized by a huge and very diverse area. Everyone will find something for themselves, but before starting the round it is worth asking yourself “where do I want to land” because this can be important. An example is the uniform of the German party, which consists mainly of gray and blue camouflage elements. This allows players to better camouflage themselves during combat on the Halva mountain ranges, but it will be pretty bad for defense in areas covered in lush greenery.

Moreover, the ring of fire, a typical BR solution to focus players in one place on the map, destroys buildings in its path (battlefield mechanic). Changing the faction to the Germans will not help you. The color of the uniform will prevent the main character from being seen by other players. This simple change can have a huge impact on increasing the K/D ratio of almost every player.

Battlefield V - Burza Ognia

2. Think about when you can take risks!

Risk is one of the most difficult dilemmas we can face on the battlefield. This, however, does not apply to destroying enemies – because they shoot at everything. Among other things, you can find weapon safes, bunkers with vehicles or supply points. However, every time you have to think twice about whether it makes sense to risk getting more decent gadgets. Why? Because all interactions can be a risk of death. Example? The opening of the vehicle bunker results in a loud alarm that alerts everyone in the area to our position.

It’s worth it? The answer to this question is not easy, because – like in any other battle royale – it all depends on the current situation in the inventory. Ensuring a high level of loot often requires the player to be focused in order to get into places, so sometimes it’s better to let the enemy pass in front of you. However, if you decide to collect the loot yourself, be sure to check the area first.

Battlefield V - Burza Ognia

3. Manage your equipment in a safe place!

One of the biggest annoyances that Battlefield players have in Firestorm mode is… inventory clutter and a pretty successful loot system. In fact, the overall inventory of loot collected along the way is so poor that it often causes stupid deaths. Currently, every time you kill one of your enemies, it will drop a bunch of different types of chests and weapons. Recognizing the different types of ammunition in this mess is extremely difficult, especially when we are desperately trying to extract some interesting thing from the collected loot – but in the open. Be very careful when cleaning gadget traps!

In the beginning, many Fire Storm players simply fish for all the weapons and ammo they see in the early stages of the game. However, after a while, you come to the conclusion that it is important to filter the collected loot – after all, it makes no sense to store all types of ammunition that we do not need in the current game. It’s good to find a shield or other safe place to sort your inventory – don’t do this directly over a defeated opponent because you could get hit by a bullet. This tip may seem very simple, but it drastically reduces damage sensitivity when you’re looking at the top of enemy chests in an open field.

Battlefield V - Burza Ognia

4. Feel free to use gadgets!

It should be made clear that Firestorm is not a revolution in the battle royale genre – at least not in the way that Apex Legends is. However, the mode from Electronic Arts has some great patents that are different from other games of this type. One of the most unique features of Firestorm is… the ability to call for help with a flare gun. These weapons give players access to a variety of combat and vehicle options – they also help call deadly artillery fire and even… launch a V-1 missile. Sounds serious – and it really is! These deadly gadgets are a real hit and have the ability to instantly make a difference on the battlefield.

For obvious reasons, many players cling to these objects in the hope of finding the perfect situation to use them, but in Firestorm, we can lose our lives very quickly. It is better to use them in advance.

Battlefield V - Burza Ognia

5. Use your fallen enemies as bait!

Unlike Apex Legends, players cannot come back to life after being knocked down. It may seem very tempting to kill them all at once. However, it’s often better to leave enemies shot to force other team members to help them.

Have your target crawl towards allies or wait for his companions to help him and then attack the enemy. This technique may seem sadistic, but it is extremely effective and can save you a lot of trouble when trying to hunt down enemies that are hiding. Of course, leaving a shot down enemy is not always the best option – especially if you have access to a side weapon.


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