Beautification is one of the most customizable themes for MIUI 12

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Beautification itself is a theme that will not only provide you with a fairly complete set of icons. Besides, it also customizes almost the entire MIUI interface, making your Xiaomi completely different, more convenient to operate.


As we can see in the image below, this topic gives a very original look to the lock screenby adding original colorful shortcuts for the time widget and various applications such as a music player or gallery.

But that’s not all. The status bar is also personalized to match the design of the rest of the interface. In the same style, the Control Center has been redesigned to include some pretty cute icons. And in the same way, it gives you the ability to add various widgets that you can place on your desktop.

Complete change of your Xiaomi

The settings have also been tweaked to provide a cleaner and more attractive design to match the rest of the theme. Likewise, some system applications such as Phone or Messages have been personalized (only if you are using the native MIUI applications).

The best thing about this theme is that it is so complete that you can combine it with others. In the “Themes” application, you can customize its interface by changing the icons, status bar, lock screen, etc. To download this theme, you need to change the region of our Xiaomi. In our case, we used the “India” region.

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