Beautiful anime game Song of Starfire is in beta test

Song of Starfire (formerly CODE: SEED) has entered the CBT phase on Android. On iOS, you can pre-register through Tap Tap.

Song of Starfire is a turn-based RPG where you assemble a team of rare anime waifu. They have a cute design and great voice acting, and while loading levels, you can admire art with characters in bathing suits. In fact, they differ not only in the level of rarity, but also in their role in the team with their element. It depends on how much damage you will inflict on the enemy.

Battles in Song of Starfire can be set to auto or manually fought. I am glad that the developers give several free spins with the ability to knock out at least 1 character of the 4th level. In terms of gameplay, you go through levels, and they are a bit random with leveling and random cards that give improvements to your team.

How to start Song of Starfire?

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