Became known the start date of the PTA MMORPG Fractured Online

Not so long ago, Dynamight Studios announced the transition of the MMORPG with elements of the sandbox Fractured Online to the stage of closed beta testing. This will happen on April 6, 2022. Unlike past alpha tests, the servers will be open 24/7, and gamigo’s Glyph app will be used as the launch platform.

Only users who have purchased one of the Founder’s Packs starting at €25.99 will be able to participate in the Fractured Online CBT. At this stage, all players will start from a clean slate, and after the end, all progress will be deleted again.

In the CBT, players will have the opportunity to explore the new continent of Erkhen, which is mostly ruled by humans. Before visiting this place, you will have to take care to protect yourself from the cold. If the weather doesn’t get you, the jotuns, mammoths, elks, arctic wolves, and various elementals that can be found throughout the area will.

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