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Behind the Frame release date revealed with Hayao Miyazaki’s art

At the end of June, we announced the development of an interactive story called Behind the Frame. The game touches many people, but most of all – its art. It resembles the creations of Studio Ghibli, run by the master of his craft, Hayao Miyazaki. We will follow the story of a talented artist who prepares works for the exhibition. The developers promise calm gameplay and hand-animated visuals.

Together with the girl, we will draw pictures that help to piece together the memories. We are promised voluminous locations to explore and small puzzles. This is not the first project of the Akupara Games studio, perhaps you played the Whispering Willows adventure, where a girl used an amulet to enter the world of the dead.

Behind the Frame will be released on August 25th on iOS, Android and PC. This will be a premium project, the issue price on iOS is 449 rubles. Pre-registration is now available for all platforms. There will be no Russian localization.

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