Belarusian studio Vizor Games closes PvP action Blood of Heroes

The Belarusian multiplayer action game Blood of Heroes from the Vizor Games studio is preparing to close. The developers stated that they were unable to interest a sufficient number of players, so on May 26, the servers will be disabled forever. Thus, the game will cease to exist in the OBT stage, never reaching a full release.

The team stated that they are saddened by the fact that the project, which was spent all efforts, was closed, and thanked all the fans who continued to play the unfinished version. However, the history of the studio does not end there, and the authors promise to take this experience into account in future games.

The day before the server shutdown, on May 26 at 20:00 Moscow time, the final battle will begin in Blood of Heroes, in which players and developers will take part. Unfortunately, account registration has already closed, so the event is only for old fans who want to say goodbye to the game.

Blood of Heroes закрывается

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