Best Apple Arcade Games 2020: Little Orpheus, Samurai Jack, The Pathless

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App Time once again brings you another selection of top mobile games for the outgoing 2020. This time we have the best projects from Apple Arcade, a subscription service that offers an interesting selection of unusual games free of donation and advertising. You can find the previous selection here. Vote for your nominees on the dedicated AppTime Awards 2020 page. As always, you can leave a comment with your list of Apple Arcade games that you think deserve attention.

Little Orpheus

The action of this game takes place in 1962. America is trying to send the first man to the moon, and the Soviet cosmonaut in Siberia wants to head in a completely different direction. Ivan Ivanovich descends into the crater of an extinct volcano, after which the connection abruptly disappears. After a while, he returns, declaring that the world is saved. As a result, he will be interrogated, and he will tell a story about huge dinosaurs, eastern deserts and other interesting places. The game is made in the genre of “platformer”.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

If you love Samurai Jack, then why not play as him? Battle Through Time is a mobile port of action RPG where we will meet our favorite characters, for example, the Scotsman or Sir Rothschild. Our adventure begins after the end of the series, with the developers promising that we will relive famous scenes from the series.

The pathless

This project was announced even before the launch of the Apple Arcade, but it came out almost the very last for some reason. We will move around the mysterious island to defeat the darkness that enveloped it. We fly across huge locations with the help of an eagle or slide, shooting at glowing spheres. In general, our business’s success depends on the joint work of the falcon and the archer. As you progress, we will hunt for corrupted spirits and solve puzzles in ancient ruins. You can even jump on trees here, like in Assassin’s Creed III.

Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows

Devolver Digital decided to please us with several projects at once this year for Apple Arcade. And the first one tells the story of becoming Night Watch, who must protect Westeros from what lurks in the North. Only for some reason, as little money as possible was allocated for this, we will lead the Patrol. We constantly send expeditions beyond the Wall, receiving or sending letters with the help of black ravens. It is worth remembering that an attack can occur from two sides.

Reigns: Beyond

The Reigns card series is back this year, and this time, we have to form our own rock band and go to live concerts. Only now we will have to organize. And on the way to fame, the most unusual situations can occur, for example, someone from the group turns out to be a killer… The gameplay is the same – swipe left or right to make decisions, and it’s in your pocket.

Worthy Mentions

  • Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a cute adventure about a girl who came to visit her grandparents on the island, but in the end saves the environment and takes pictures
  • Warp Drive – dynamic races on futuristic cars hovering over the track
  • All of you are looking for the lost cling together with the chicken, avoiding treacherous traps; unique game mechanics allow you to control the environment.

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