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“Best graphics in the genre” – Co-op horror Demonologist released in early access

The developers of the indie studio Clock Wizard Games have presented the world with a new cooperative horror game Demonologist, which has become available in early access. Right now, the game can be purchased on the Steam platform for 540 rubles, in order to go alone or with a group of up to four people towards horrors. Players must head to one of the existing locations in order to find paranormal creatures and exorcise them. It is worth remembering that ghosts do not like rudeness, so sometimes you have to talk to them politely. Otherwise, they are able to curse various objects that will scare you sooner or later.

With the money earned from clearing Spooky Zones, hunters can buy cosmetic items in the form of clothing and accessories, as well as furniture and other items to improve their own hub. By the way, you can invite your friends there.

With regards to the graphic component, the Demonologist horror is made on the notorious Unreal Engine 5. The developers themselves say that their project has “the best graphics in the genre”, which can be seen in a fresh trailer.

By the way, the option to download a demo is also available on the game page on Steam. With it, you and I can try Demonologist and decide whether it is worth spending our hard-earned money.

(Steam Game) Demonologist - Official Gameplay Trailer

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