Best Hunters in Identity V: Actual Meta

A hit game from the creators of NetEasy Games in the survivor horror genre, which has gained thousands of fans.

If you are reading this article, then you definitely have a favorite hunter for whom you are ready to play hundreds of rinks. However, in each meta, some villains are cut down, while others, on the contrary, are made stronger. You can easily see which hunters pick more often and what is currently in the meta and trend.

Just go to the profiles of the top players who are at the top of the leaderboard. There you will see which hunters the top players play. However, they may differ on different servers. For example, the Western meta will be slightly different from the Asian one, etc.

Let’s take a look at the list of hunters, which is compiled with the latest patch in mind.

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Tier S

  • Sculptor – Galatea
  • Nightmare – Orpheus
  • Dream Witch – Yidra
  • Broken Wheel – The Will Brothers
  • Wax master – Philip

Tier A

  • Guardian 26 – Bonbon
  • Naiad – Grace
  • Wu Chang – White/Black Guard
  • Ax Boy – Robbie White
  • “Apostle” – Ann

Tier B

  • Violinist – Antonio
  • Blood Queen – Mary
  • The King in Yellow – Hastur
  • Architect — Burke Lapadour

Tier C

  • Photographer — Joseph Desolnier
  • Gamekeeper – Bain Perez
  • Soul Weaver – Violetta
  • Angry Reptile – Lucino Deruz
  • Geisha – Michiko

Tier D

  • Hell’s Coal – Leo Beck
  • Cheerful Clown – Joker
  • Undead – Percy
  • Ripper – Jack

Well, if you figure it out to the end, then play the hunter that you like and style. Well, so that IDV does not get bored too early, try to diversify the gameplay, alternating between hunters and survivors.

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