Best Paid Games 2020 for iOS & Android: Pascal’s Wager, Company of Heroes, Crying Suns

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Premium games are the light at the end of the tunnel for mobile gamers who are tired of constant donations and advertisements. That is why we have allocated them in a separate category, and together with you, we have found the nominees. You can vote for them and other projects on the special page AppTime Awards 2020. You can leave your top list of premium games in the comments if you disagree with this. The previous selection can be read at this link.

Pascal’s Wager

A cool project where we entail a perishable existence in a world where there is no sunlight. An excellent alternative to the Dark Souls series with constant major additions, which, although paid, open up many large locations and new classes. The game supports a gamepad, which is undoubtedly better than touch controls.

Company of Heroes

This is the first mobile port from Feral Interactive to be discussed here. Fans of realistic strategies will definitely like Company of Heroes, and even more so for fans of the series. The developers have managed to optimize the local interface for touch screens, but it is not recommended to play on smartphones with a small diagonal. The Opposing Fronts add-on was recently announced.

XCOM 2 Collection

The second part is the sequel to XCOM: Enemy Within. Many years have passed since the end of the first game, so a lot has changed on Earth. Firstly, the aliens have captured people, and now a few people will help the secret organization XCOM. The second point follows from the first, and it is connected with the fact that we have to fly from place to place to hide from persecution. And at the same time, we should not forget about the extermination of aliens and the ignition of protest in the hearts of those who do not like the new alien regime.

Crying Suns

This is a tactical roguelike where we act as a fleet admiral. At Crying Suns, we expect to explore space in a randomly generated universe. The plot is divided into six chapters, during which we can participate in 300 events. The local atmosphere is reminiscent of good sci-fi literature. According to the plot, people had to re-learn to explore space and survive, since the machines that worked on them simply turned off.

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale

This is the second part about the adventures of unlucky heroes in a card roguelike. Compared to Meteorfall, it has been slightly changed, plus the cards are animated. Now we are fighting in dungeons, which are made in a 3 by 3 square format. There appear cards from our and the enemy’s deck. As soon as one dies, a new one rises in place of it until someone loses. The game is executed in portrait mode.

Worthy Mentions

  • Anima ARPG (2020) – dark slasher, recently started the first season with new pets, achievements and more.
  • The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores is a strategic sandbox where we build a settlement during the day and escape from horrible creatures at night
  • Far: Lone Sails – a meditative adventure on a ship along the bottom of a dry sea; we need to confront nature and find out what happened to the extinct civilization
  • MudRunner Mobile – serious off-road racing simulator; one of the best ports on smartphones

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