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Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt RED has come a long way with its new project Cyberpunk 2077. There were high hopes for it, and marketing campaigns only increased the general degree of impatience. As a result, after numerous transfers, we saw the release of the project in 2021. It turned out that for many, the game lags very much and produces an unacceptable number of gross bugs; this is especially true for legacy consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).

Top managers from CD Projekt promised to fix the situation by February next year, while there is no approximate date for introducing multiplayer. Despite all the roughness, Cyberpunk 2077 sold 13 million copies and is considered one of the main releases of 2020. In the story, we play as a man named V, either male or female.

We find ourselves in Night City, which is teeming with corporates and street gangs. The plot is short enough, but side missions open up the game from a new angle and provide an opportunity to enjoy the local surroundings and see what life might look like in a dystopian future.

Doom eternal

This is the sequel to the first DOOM reboot in 2016. The permanent Doom Slayer will have to fight the armies of demons. The last time he created an imbalance of power can lead to the death of all living things. As my colleague on the shop said in this review for DOOM Eternal – id Software has abandoned John Carmack’s postulates, there must be no plot in video games. There are collectibles scattered across the levels, with classical DOOM music playing when you pick them up. Weapons still do not require reloading, and additional cartridges can be obtained from enemies, which must be colorfully cut into pieces with a chainsaw.

Assassin’s creed Valhalla

In the new part of Assassin’s Creed, players continue to travel through historically important eras, where it is unlikely that Assassins could run on rooftops. This time we go to Scandinavia, and then – together with the Vikings to the coast of England, where you can get a lot of valuable things. Now we are confronted by the kings of the Anglo-Saxons, as well as occult druids. The map is marked with numerous icons, and the Vikings can participate in the most courageous battles – rap battles or “fluting.”

Half-Life: Alyx

If Gabe Newell learns to count to three, the world will never be the same. Unfortunately, Valve has long since retired from game development and is fully engaged in the Steam service. But since Gabe is interested in new technology, we got Half-Life in virtual reality. This market is not very developed yet, so most gamers played the game on YouTube. At The Game Awards 2020, this game was ranked only in one category – “Best Virtual Reality Games.” This proves once again that the gaming industry does not expect any technical breakthroughs from the series. Still, simply the next numbered part and the continuation of the story of Gordon Freeman.

Wasteland 3

If you are missing the first games from the Fallout series, then welcome to Wasteland – the game is being developed for seasoned gamers who are used to meticulously adjusting character characteristics to suit their play style. In the story, we will fight in the snowy wastelands, trying to free Colorado’s lands from the three bloodthirsty children of the local Patriarch. Who can you trust? It is up to each of us to decide. At the same time, we take part in all kinds of intrigues. The developers promise unexpected twists and turns and harsh moral decisions.

Worthy Mentions

  • Hades – many major foreign publications have made Hades the “game of 2020,” and I believe it is rightfully a roguelike with ancient mythology, colorful graphics, excellent voice acting, and interesting mechanics.
  • Iron Harvest – a strategy with huge mechs; the plot begins after the end of the alternate World War I
  • Call of the Sea – a girl tries to find her husband on tropical islands while getting into trouble and solving puzzles.
  • Battletoads 2020— the legendary arcade’s relaunch; the hated “Turbo Tunnel” is made with a third-person view.

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