Best shooters 2020 on iOS and Android: Shadowgun War Games, Warface Mobile, Bullet Echo

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So the middle of December has come, and we have already discussed a huge number of projects that we nominated with you at the AppTime Awards 2020. You can vote there, and in the comments here, leave your list with top shooters for mobile devices. We have collected both well-known projects and indies, but they have one thing in common – dynamic battles using modern guns or laser installations of the future.

Shadowgun War Games

This is a free shooter with cool graphics, where teams of 5 people each fight. There are several modes, among them: Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. The developers promise console-level graphics (hello Cyberpunk 2077). There is a lot to do here for both beginners and veterans. For the former, simple gameplay is provided, while various challenges with rewards are provided for the others.

Warface: Global Operations (Mobile)

The Warface universe moved to smartphones this year, which undoubtedly delighted the fans. Maps are constantly appearing here, the controls are easy to learn, and the graphics support modern shooters’ standards. Players will find seven PvP maps, customizable weapons, and 4 game modes. Also, PvE missions are present in Global Operations, where four fighters participate simultaneously. There is not only an army of armed bots but also Bosses.

Bullet Echo

ZeptoLab develops shareware but solid projects. Bullet Echo is one of them. There are dozens of heroes that differ from each other with their unique abilities and peculiar gameplay. A distinctive feature of Bullet Echo is a stealth action game, when we see only what is illuminated by the flashlight, but at the same time, we hear footsteps and shots. There is also a battle royale mode, which is designed for five small teams.

Rogue Agents

This is a third-person shooter with realistic graphics. The game resembles the Titanfall series because here we are running on walls and doing real parkour. There are seven cards in total that you can dissect with your friends. There are three modes: “Every man for himself,” “Team Deathmatch,” and “Domination.”

Respawnables heroes

In this project, we arrange dynamic 4v4 cyberbattles. Heroes differ from each other, not only visually but also due to their characteristics. Respawnables Heroes is more reminiscent of Overwatch in this respect, so brute force cannot defeat rivals. You have to think with random people about squad synergy.

Worthy Mentions

  • Men in Black: Galaxy Defenders – first-person shooter set in the Men in Black universe; shoot aliens from the first person and do not regret it.
  • Alien Shooter 2 – Reloaded is a single-player game with many company hours in which we destroy dirty aliens.
  • Dirty Revolver – shooting game; our character gets out of hiding and shoots out bandits in the Wild West.
  • LegendArya – cartoon shooter in portrait mode; shoot zombies and take cover at the right moment.

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