App time is back with a selection of the best mobile games of 2020. This time we will tell you about the nominees from the sports section. You can vote for them and other games on the special page AppTime Awards 2020. As always, we are waiting for your personal top list in the comments.

Sonic At The Olympic Games

Sonic managed to make it to our final list of “30 best games of 2020 on iOS and Android” at the Olympic Games. This year, the Olympic Games in Tokyo were not held for obvious reasons, but SEGA still decided to release its brainchild so that gamers could compete at least in the virtual space. There is a division into sections, as well as an arcade or realistic modes. You can expect the characters you love and the race for the gold medal.

PES 2021 Mobile

KONAMI returns with the new season of PES 2021. Star footballers and legendary players are in the game. The developers promise weekly lineup updates. As always, gamers will have to assemble their team of famous football players and participate in tournaments. KONAMI has also signed an exclusive agreement with the AS Roma club.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile

This is a serious and premium soccer team manager simulator from SEGA. More than 60 leagues from 24 countries are present here. We buy players and train them. Before each match, we come up with tactics, which our players then carry out. Argentina and Mexico are among the available countries; SEGA has also added a fully licensed Canadian Premier League.

FIFA Mobile 21

This is one of the top-rated football simulators on smartphones and major platforms from Electronic Arts. Players will find new competitions, historic footballers and full-scale 11v11 matches. Here you can even participate in legendary matches that have left a huge mark on the history of football. In-game competitions are tied to real ones, including the English Premier League and UEFA tournaments. All innovations can be found here.

Soccer Manager 2021

Another football team manager simulator, only now shareware. The developers promise a realistic change of day and night and 800 clubs to choose from. Players will be engaged in planning tactics before the match and transfer and plan training and development facilities owned by your club. The matches themselves can be watched “live” thanks to 3D animation.

Worthy Mentions

  • NBA LIVE Mobile – basketball simulator from Electronic Arts; in the new season, you can expect refined gameplay, new campaigns and increased optimization
  • Club Soccer Director 2021 – communicating with sponsors, improving facilities, negotiating with agents and answering media questions
  • Slam Dunk – arcade basketball based on the popular anime
  • Dream League Soccer 2021 – 4,000 licensed players and management of the entire infrastructure associated with your football club

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