Bethesda Launches Regional PTA Mighty DOOM, Doom Executioner Hears Hellscreams

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Bethesda became part of Microsoft in time: these guys will release Mighty DOOM on mobile phones. This will be another vertical arcade game where players clear the levels from demonic spawn. At the head of the table is the beloved Doom Executioner, aka Doomguy. The gameplay is isometric, and you have to stop to shoot. Gradually, we are pumping and getting buffs and abilities. Equipment can be combined, improved; let’s not forget about crafting legendaries.

From the latest Mighty DOOM update: in the first chapter, we are now on Earth. Infernal Priest, Mechazombi and Revenant also appeared. The store sells loot boxes and coin sets; this business is purchased for Crystals (premium currency). A saving mode has been added for weak smartphones. Also, Bethesda has fixed bugs and optimized its brainchild.

An early version of Mighty DOOM is already available on Android. The link leads to New Zealand. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions. We are waiting for information about the version for iOS. The age rating is 12+.

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