Beyond Enemy Lines 2 download torrent For PC

Beyond Enemy Lines 2 download torrent

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Beyond Enemy Lines 2 is a shooter game developed by Polygon Art. This entertainment is modern and interesting. All events are developing in 2008 in Abkhazia. The user has a unique opportunity to experience all the feelings and emotions that will occur in the game. High-quality graphics and sound allow you to quickly achieve this. Beyond Enemy Lines 2 you can download the torrent in a short period. As a result, the user will receive the desired game and will be able to plunge into all the experiences that the main character is. After all, the war in the Caucasus was cruel and long. Many at that time suffered at the hands of the enemy and now one of the leading agents there.

Story line

Abkhazia, a country in which a fierce battle oozes, and no one gets in touch with the other world. What to do? Where to run? Modern satellites have not yet learned how to broadcast information to the earth. But how to get information from a country where there is no signal coming from? The base really needs eyes and ears, because you cannot trust the enemy to seize the country. This mission is solved by a special agent, in the role of which the user will act. When starting the game, the user finds himself deep behind the enemy line, where the conditions are simply not human. The agent must obtain all the information and provide it to headquarters. He is threatened with death if he falls to the enemy. The agent will have to apply all his knowledge and skills. This will bring the enemy out of himself and create chaos. During the game, the user will have to perform the most unusual missions. Only in this way can victory be achieved. It is important to use skills and be able to make decisions in the most difficult situations. In order to cope with the enemies, the agent will be equipped with all the necessary weapons that will help him in this difficult struggle.

Game process

Beyond Enemy Lines 2 you need to download the torrent in order to plunge into this unusual world. The gameplay is quite simple and understandable even for a child. The main character is a military man who is trying to understand what is happening in Abkhazia. To do this, he had to equip himself with a gun and go to a hot spot. At the beginning of the game, the agent finds himself between eerie mountains and in inhuman conditions. In the process, he needs to go through the most unusual missions that will help him complete the task. The agent needs to know what’s going on and why no one is getting in touch. Over time, the user learns that the country is captured by the military. In order to cope with the enemies, the agent was awarded a weapon. During the game, he can use more than 20 varieties. The user can check the operation of the sniper or rifle before starting the game.

Features Beyond Enemy Lines 2

  • This game has an obvious number of advantages. Let’s start with the fact that a large, free world opens up before the user. There are almost no rules here, the main task is to achieve the goal. During the game, the agent will receive tasks. You can perform them in any order. Tactics and strategy the user can choose independently.
  • Another advantage of the agent and the game as a whole is that he is equipped with everything necessary. The user will have more than 20 real guns. The range is filled with a variety of pistols and rifles. Each weapon can be customized to your taste. A large assortment will allow you to develop winning tactics and win this difficult battle. Also in the process will open different locations with an interesting landscape. Beyond Enemy Lines 2 download torrent can be on any device. This will allow everyone to protect a country like Abkhazia and gain experience in military affairs.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Video card: GTX 770
  • Hard Disk Memory: 50GB


Beyond Enemy Lines 2 download torrent
Beyond Enemy Lines 2 download torrent
Beyond Enemy Lines 2 download torrent
Beyond Enemy Lines 2 download torrent
Beyond Enemy Lines 2 download torrent
Beyond Enemy Lines 2 download torrent

Beyond Enemy Lines 2 download torrent
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