Bike Baron 2 is the return of motorcycle racing, with Badland developers involved

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The first part of Bike Baron came out nine or even ten years ago. For her, updates did not come out for four years. Now Mountain Sheep studio has decided to do the second part after a long collaboration with GameClub. In addition to these guys, the studio Mureena is working on Bike Baron 2. If the name is unknown, then take a look at her creations – Badland and Badland 2. During 2.5D rides on a motorcycle, players will solve puzzles and avoid traps, such as sea mines. From the trailer, we can conclude that some levels will have to be replayed many times.

In addition to singles, there will be online competitions in Bike Baron 2. They are divided into Time Trials and long tracks with jumps, somersaults, and so on. In total, the game will feature 50 tracks. During the passage, there will be a timer on the screen to keep pace with the slow players.

Bike Baron 2 will be released on iOS on May 27, 2021. There is no information about the version for Android. There will be no Russian localization.

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