Bike Baron 2 on iOS has been released: puzzles and motorcycle races without donation and advertising

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Bike Baron 2 is a continuation of motorcycle racing. The game is peculiar, because here you not only have to mindlessly rush to the finish line, but also solve puzzles. It happens that it is necessary to start the level not with the gas, but with the brake. Or if you rush quickly, you run into a wall. In general, the game constantly hints: “Think before you go.” The levels are divided into four difficulties: easy, medium, high and extreme. On each of them, you can collect a maximum of three stars: for a victory, if you do not crash, and if you drive the track within the specified time. With the help of the stars, we open up new levels.

We tried the test version (thanks to the guys from Plan of Attack). There is no store in the game and, accordingly, donation. Battle passes were not brought here, and advertisements are not shown after every death (because there is none). In this regard, the project is better than other shareware games. If you don’t have an antediluvian iOS device, then be sure to give it a try.

Bike Baron 2 is already available on iOS. This is a premium project, the price of the issue is 649 rubles… There is a Russian localization. There is no information about the version for Android. On Steam, it says “release in 2021”.

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