Black Desert Mobile received an update with new items, events and promotions

The New Year is approaching and the developers continue to release thematic updates for the holidays. Pearl Abyss has announced the release of an update for MMORPG Black Desert Mobile with new items, holiday events and promotions.

The new items are called “Memory Seal”. Having obtained such an item and completing the main task, as well as defeating Katimbura in Western Valencia, it is possible to integrate them into ancient equipment and equipment of Chaos to add unique effects. The latter include HP recovery from hits, attack increase, dodge defense, and many others. In total, up to 2 properties are added, and at the same time, they cannot be the same.

As for events and promotions, the Termian Cliff territory has been added to the game in honor of the New Year, where you can launch sky lanterns and participate in Dawn Meeting on Termian Cliff until January 3. In addition, the promotion “Promotion at Genoveva x10”, “Missions of the New Year by choice”, “New Year’s Lotto 2022” and “Cumulative Black Spirit Points” were launched, which will last until January 10, 2022. From January 1 to January 3, the action “New Year’s Chest 2022” will take place.

Of course, these were not all the changes in the update. You can find more information about him on the official website of the project.

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