Black Legend Tactical RPG First Look: Solving the Secret of Alchemy

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In this episode, we feel the Black Legend RPG strategy with turn-based tactical battles from the developer Warcave… Above all, players will experience the dark story of a wealthy city that has fallen victim to its success and political environment. Wanting to remain independent, the inhabitants turned to the great alchemist, who created a strange, poisonous mist and gave the inhabitants an antidote. This saved the rich city from destruction and expansion, but gave rise to a terrible religious cult. The main character, a former criminal, is promised freedom if he can solve the mystery of alchemy and dispel the fog over the city.

A whole squad of warriors will fight under the leadership of the player, the capabilities of which can be changed with the help of weapons, classes and uniforms. So the player has a lot of opportunities. Among other things, we will sneak around the city and destroy opponents, complete many missions and look for replenishment for our squad.

Of the minuses, I would note the developers’ excessive concern for the player in the form of a control interface that excludes missklik, but increases the number of actions required to make a move. The disadvantage of the narrative at the moment lies in the difficulty of navigating the terrain and the excessive freedom that is given to the player immediately after training – complete freedom in this case works against the game, since it is not very clear what to do, where to go and what would be interesting to study …

Nevertheless, the game can come to fans of tactical games with the maximum difficulty of passing, since at weak levels the challenge in battle is not felt.

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