Black Ops Cold War: Zombies guide: how to level up fast

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In order to complete any map in Call of Duty: Zombies, the player needs to score points, but in the newest part of the franchise, Black Ops Cold War, the old methods of earning more points have been changed. In previous games, you could maximize the amount of points you earned by dealing damage by shooting at the legs of zombies and then melee fighting them.

However, this no longer works in Black Ops Cold War. Now you just need to kill zombies in order to earn points – from 90 to 115, depending on how exactly the enemy dies. So no matter what the player does, they get the same amount of points. The maximum is 115, and you can get that many points by melee combat or by landing a critical hit.

However, there is still one way to increase the number of points received. As we have already said, it is impossible to earn more than 115 points on your own, however, this limit can be bypassed almost 4 times with your teammates, which is very useful. In addition, this method of getting more points is incredibly simple: usually, if 2-4 players damage the same zombie at least once, each of them will receive a certain amount of points (most often the same).

So if a teammate shoots a zombie and you kill him with a firearm, then both players will earn 90 points. This is a pretty good improvement over previous games where points for dealing damage and killing zombies were individual and not shared.

NOTE: It’s worth noting that it all depends on the type of damage being dealt: for example, if 3 players shoot zombies and 1 player uses a knife, the former get 90 points and the last player 115 points.

Now all four players can share points for each zombie kill, but you need to be careful. It’s like earning the same amount of points in solo, but much faster.

Thanks to this method, you can earn a huge amount of points even without killing zombies! For example, in the screenshot below you can see that one of the players got 5540 points without killing any enemy, while his teammate got 7400 with 54 kills!

The method is most useful in the early rounds of maps. The fact is that in rounds 4-5-6 the zombies start to run away, so it is actually impossible to accurately kill each of them. We would recommend starting with an M16 or other low damage weapon with lots of bullets, and just target the same group of zombies as your allies.

By the 10th round, all players receive an Upgrader, and you have to kill everything that moves, because of which there will simply be no time for joint killings. However, this is a great way to earn more points for the team, as well as unlock the Enhancer as soon as possible.

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