Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT Launched In Japan

Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT is a mobile project launched in Japan. This means that it does not have an English localization, although a global version is planned for spring 2023. If we talk about the gameplay in Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT, then you collect a group from anime waifu and participate in battles where you need to use the active skills of each of the heroes.

After defeating the enemy in Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT, you are given a rating and experience for further pumping heroes. As for the plot, it is served in the form of text dialogues in the style of “visual novel”. The player takes on the role of the commander of a combat waifu squad.

The gameplay of Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT is a tower defense where a group of units fend off waves of enemies. Each character can be moved to a new position, so you can say that the battles take place in real time.

The difficulty is that each hero in Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT has its own attack range. You can increase damage by connecting the “damage zones” of two waifu.

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