blackwake download torrent For PC

blackwake download torrent For PC blackwake download torrent For PC

blackwake download torrent

Size: 1.27 GB | Seeds: 473 Lychees: 43

Blackwake download torrent online shooter with interesting adventure battles. The view of the camera changes depending on what the main character is doing. If he is shooting, then this is only a first-person view, if he simply performs tasks, exploring locations, then from a third person. The game recently left early access and has already become one of the most attractive and interesting.

Story line

The plot of the multiplayer game is quite simple, but interesting. The script is focused exclusively on teamwork. Therefore, urgently call your friends and start fighting with them, shoulder to shoulder, destroying opponents from anywhere in the world. In the game, the main thing is to pick up a team of the same brave personalities in order to fight on equal terms. Earn experience points, capture enemy schooners, transfer their loot to your ship and use them to your heart’s content. Drink rum and shoot from all the guns located on the ship. Naval combat has never been so exciting! Online battles are designed for as many as 54 players at the same time. Participate in battles not only against one ship, but against several at once. Make alliances and attack vast territories, capturing them. Upgrade your ship in real time. Buy high-quality armor for him, weapons from which you can shoot at a distance. Also, make sure you have enough ammo. Shoot from various cannons, destroying all enemies who have decided to attack you. In total, the crew can only have 13 characters. Each one can also be upgraded. Shoot at the enemy, reload and release salvo fire again. The main thing is to win, but how, it does not matter. Replenish food and weapons so that your subordinates are not hungry and upset. We need to inspire the team with victories! Get inspired by destroying enemy schooners by bombing all the ships in the area. Each crew of 13 has a leader and subordinates. It is necessary to immediately determine the role on the ship. Usually the guide is the one who has the most experience and is the most pumped character. Don’t worry if you haven’t become the leader of the ship yet. Perhaps soon your actions will prove the opposite. Download the Blackwake torrent and start participating in large-scale online battles.

Game process

Blackwake is a classic multiplayer game played all over the world. There is a large selection of ships, weapons, food, as well as methods for upgrading the ship. The crew consists of 13 personalities, but only up to 54 people play. So there is no time for relaxation and travel. Create tactics according to which you can provide your opponent with weighty arguments in victory. The more wins, the better upgrades you get. Soon you will become the most powerful team in the Mediterranean. In addition to the classic battle, there are 3 more game modes. The most interesting is Siege. One team defends the fort while the other attacks. And then the players change to test the strengths of both clans. Keep in mind that there is different weather, and it sometimes changes dynamically. The same can be said about the time of day, because at night it is much more difficult to fight.

Blackwake Features

  • sea ​​battles online;
  • lack of bots;
  • interesting leveling of heroes;
  • 13 people in the crew of one team;
  • simultaneous participation on the server up to 54 people;
  • large-scale battles on the water;
  • a bunch of weapons, equipment, improvements;
  • ship modernization.

Download torrent Blackwake is necessary for all fans of naval battles.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 – 64 bit only!
  • Processor: i5 2400, FX-6300
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Video card: R9 270, GTX 660
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Disk space: 3 GB


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