Blade & Soul’s Spectacular Twinblade Cinematic

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NCSOFT has released a cinematic trailer for a new class in MMORPG Blade & Soul titled Master of the Twin Blades. It will become available in the Korean version with the transition of the game to the Unreal Engine 4, that is, on June 16.

Cinematic traditionally looks quite impressive and shows a guy and a girl who were ambushed. When the heroes find themselves in a difficult situation, the girl takes the second sword, turning into the Master of Dual Blades, and easily deals with the enemies. After that, they meet a new wave of monsters.

As a reminder, the Russian version of Blade & Soul will receive the New Beginning update, which brings the game to a new engine, on August 31st. Perhaps a new class will be added on the same day, but so far Innova has not confirmed this information.

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