Bless Unleashed developers talk about “tons” of changes ahead of the final beta test on PC

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Neowiz and Studio Round8 have released a list of numerous changes to the PC version of Bless Unleashed, which were made in the game ahead of the final closed beta testing.

The developers were guided exclusively by feedback and reworked almost everything: from the user interface and controls, to the combat system with quests. Thus, the authors want to present the best possible version of Bless Unleashed for PC gamers on the CBT on May 13th.

“We took into account the feedback from every player during the beta,” said Jason Park, Head of Development for Round 8. “Every little change has been driven by feedback from our players and fans, and we can’t wait to launch the final challenge for them on the next week, and we hope that many will also join to see the fruits of our labor! “

The list of changes is really huge and takes more than one page. All innovations and improvements can be found on the game forum on Steam.

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