Blizzard Arcade Collection Replenished With Two Games – No Extra Pay For Them

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Blizzard has updated the Blizzard Arcade Collection with two more games. In addition to the existing The Lose Vikings (1992), Rock N ‘Roll Racing (1993) and Blackthorne (1994), The Lost Vikings 2 (1997) and RPM Racing (1991) are now available.

At the same time, you do not need to buy new old games separately – all current and future owners of the collection will receive them for free. Recall that the cost of Blizzard Arcade Collection is 999 rubles on PC, 1499 wheels on PS4 and $ 19.99 on Xbox One.

The collection itself has also received an update. Added “Developer Documentation” to the museum, which contains additional details on the process of making classic games. There’s also a new broadcast mode for Rock N Roll Racing in the Definitive Edition and 4-player LAN multiplayer.

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