Blizzard is probably making two mobile games in the Warcraft universe, what’s known?

Publisher Activision Blizzard recently reported its success to investors. Thanks to this, we learned that Diablo Immortal will not be released this year, but there is hope for another franchise. If you believe this site, then Blizzard is working on two unannounced games in the Warcraft universe. It is not yet clear what genre these projects are: MMO, arcade or a real Warcraft 3 reboot? At the same time, there is a possibility that the development will again be “outsourced” to Asian studios like NetEase Games, because it is in the Middle Kingdom that a huge number of gamers are willing to spend “hard cash” on boosts, skins, and so on.

We now know for sure that two mobile Warcraft games are at different stages of development. The publisher is doing internal testing to see how much the players will want to try the classic pieces. But it also talks about “bringing new experiences to old franchises.”

Should we wait for a “one-pot” Warcraft like Archero or a card gacha with auto-battles and AFK-modes? Whatever it is, Call of Duty Mobile has had success on mobile phones despite the negative reviews from a certain part of the community. What do you expect from the future of Warcraft?

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