Block Warriors – an arcade strategy game in the style of Minecraft for Android

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If you combine Minecraft and arcade strategies, then the output is Block Warriors. We extract resources, and also combine the same units so that they randomly evolve. This is necessary in order for them to resist the sometimes oncoming enemies. Warriors automatically run to the right, running away from an enemy settlement; there are barriers and catapults. After the end of the level, we are given materials that we cannot use during battles.

For easy immersion in the game, the developers added training: pumping the castle, buying three farmers, and so on. The lazy ones can speed up the gameplay, because there is not much to look at: the graphics are low-poly, RTX does not “smell” here. With each level there are more enemy units, they become stronger. In general, our task is to put miners on the conveyor and create and unite warriors on a cooldown.

Block Warriors is already available on Android. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions up to 7 590 rubles per item

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