Boltrend Games will release Atelier Online globally, release date revealed

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Atelier Online is a mobile jRPG currently in trial launch. Players must collect their favorite waifu, pump them up, wear cool equipment, and so on. The global version will be published by Boltrend Games. These are the guys who also launched Immortal Soul, Disgaea RPG and Arc the Lad R; the latter’s servers are shut down in Japan. It would seem that everything is lost, but there is a ray of hope: we are promised monsters with different elements. This feature changes depending on the time of day and weather (hello Pokemon Go).

Players must become the best alchemists. To do this, they must find, collect and combine ingredients strictly according to recipes. If you want a cooperative, then there are up to three people. Developers collect a lot of information about users, so be careful. Potion-making lessons are to be expected, much like Harry Potter.

Atelier Online will be released on July 8th on iOS and Android. This is a shareware project with all that it implies. Age rating “7+”.

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