Boy Using WoW Skills to Save His Sister from a Wild Elk Inspired New Video Game Awards

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Back in 2007, headlines highlighted the bravery of a 12-year-old boy who rescued his younger sister from a wild elk that attacked her on the way to school. For this, he said, he had to use the skills acquired in World of Warcraft.

First of all, he remembered the “Provocation” and began to attract the attention of the beast with loud sounds and screams. After a successful attempt, the child tried to escape and realizing that it was useless, he decided to pretend to be dead as a “hunter from WoW”. And this trick also worked: the elk lost interest in the guy and went home. Thus, the hero saved his sister and survived himself.

Now the story has been continued. The child grew up, and his act inspired the G2A company to establish the Gaming Champions award. The first to receive the statuette was Hans, the hero of the story with the rescue of his younger sister. In addition to the award, he was also presented with a gaming computer.

Further Gaming Champions winners and nominees will be announced in the future. It should be noted that in this case, not only the saving of someone’s life with the use of games or knowledge from them is taken into account, but also other “categories”. For example, the use of video games to help people with disabilities, to create connections and bring people together, for educational and scientific purposes.

Also, players themselves can apply for a nomination through a special form on the official website of the award.

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