Brick Hero Clash is available in some countries, but it’s not so simple

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The arcade game Brick Hero Clash appeared in digital stores of the two countries, but even there not everyone will be able to check out the project.

Brick Hero Clash is a mobile project that came out on Google Play in Australia and Canada. Our sources report that the trial run also took place on iOS, but at the time of this writing links does not work. Developers site listed on Google Play is also unavailable.

If you have played or heard about the retro project Breakout, then you will understand the idea of ​​Brick Hero Clash – gamers launch a ball that bounces off colorful tiles and damages the enemy when hit by his avatar. Also, the destroyed yellow “bricks” release shrapnel at the enemy, but after the end of the turn. In fact, we are participating in turn-based battles, and the number of moves is limited.

In Brick Hero Clash, you should collect a squad of heroes who have their own unique abilities. For example, someone can point-shoot and inflict electro-damage on multiple enemies at once. After a series of victories, players increase their rank, join clans and receive great rewards.

Google play (Australia)

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