Brief mobile news of the first half of June 2021 | nodonation_mobile

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News number 1

In terms of income for May, the first 2 lines can be ignored, there Tencent

  • 1st game Honor of kings (95% of the proceeds from China), and you won’t download it in the Play Market, our adaptation is Arena of Valor.
  • 2nd PUBG Mobile game (56.6% China).
  • 3rd Genshin Impact
  • 4th Roblox, on this the App Store and general statistics coincide no longer.

Interesting – Garena Free Fire 2nd on Google Play, Genshin impact 4th, a PUBG Mobile 5th. By the way, if you suddenly find that your favorite Tencent Games has disappeared, and instead of it Proxima Beta, then don’t worry, everything is ok. Proxima Beta Pte. Limited is located in Singapore, is part of Tencent, this Tetris is necessary to comply with legal subtleties.

News number 2

Megaphone and Gameloft (which some jokingly call Gameleft) signed an agreement under which it is planned to create a service with a subscription to mobile games: 1200 projects without in-app ads and in-game purchases. For from 20 to 199 rubles, not only games under the Gameloft brand will be available, but also from Sega, Global Fun, Baltoro games, Softgames, Zeptolab, Inlogic and others.

As Commercial Director Vlad Wolfson notes, interest in the mobile phone is growing, MegaFon Games users have become x2 by the quarter of last year, they are already working with Blizzard and MY.GAMES, so pay all in one place, in short, to us.

Oops, along the way, a bunch of mobile gaming / telecom operator / device began to reach someone.

News number 3

Kaspersky Lab checked what is most popular among Russian children from November 2020 to April 2021. Of all the other YouTube’s, social. networks and so on top 3 games: Brawl Stars (11%), Roblox (7%) and Among Us (4%). YouTube was very often tormented by about-game requests: letsplays, life hacks, memes and reviews of new characters.

News number 4

According to the report for May from and AppMagic Tops on races are all new: some Hair Challenge, Bridge Race, Paper Fold, Bounce and collect, High Heels! and other game. Interestingly enough, on Android, Garena Free Fire went to the 5th place with more than 10 million, on iOS, Roblox and PUBG Mobile met on the 6th and 7th.

News number 5

If you are a fan of the anime and manga “Magic Battle” (Jujutsu Kaisen), then this news is for you: Sumzap will release the mobile role-playing game Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade! There will be iOS, there will be Android, details, like the release date, will not be 8).

Brief mobile news of the first half of June 2021 Brief mobile news of the first half of June 2021 | nodonation_mobile

News number 6

IN Activision announced that they are sawing a new witchcraft AAA game for mobile phones. About the division of Activision with the Mobile prefix was earlier, and the presence of “Call of Duty: Mobile” does not interfere with this news. It is possible that this will be a Warzone port.

News number 7

Analysts IDC and LoopMe They say that the growth of interest in the mobile phone is due to anti-coronavirus measures and they say that as soon as the restrictions are removed, there will be a drop as much as 75% in growth from the peak. The fall will stretch for 2 years and will end with the end of the pandemic in 2022. About 4 thousand smartphone gamers from the USA, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Singapore were tortured with questions.

News number 8

Valorant Mobile to be. Now these are not rumors, this is infa from Riot games… Expansion of the franchise is also planned and mobile Valorant is the first step. And no time was given.

News number 9

Azur Lane continues to celebrate its anniversary, the event continues, and even more skins for ship girls, including wedding skins, have been announced.

News number 10

Phoenix Games buys a share of British mobile development Midoki and the rights to Knighthood. Both sides expect only advantages from joint cooperation.

News number 11

Before the conference Apple came out infa how many tops bring per day in the United States. Top 3 income per DAY on iPhone Roblox – $ 3 million, Clash of Clans – $ 1.9 million, Candy Crush Saga – $ 1.5 million.

News number 12

Swedes from Grand Pike supported by Arctic game lab preparing for global release Spelldust in the second half of June. Something with something or a mixture of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Clash Royale was already released in April, which allowed collecting a lot of feedback and taking this into account for the global release on June 22.

News number 13

Garena says that Rampage is returning in Free Fire. Now it is the “New Era”, previously there were the “Liberation” Cataclysms in 2019 and the “Uprising” in 2020. Players will have to help 4 heroes escape the laboratory, new items, time modes and a duo of DJs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have also been announced.

News number 14

So in Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival, an update has come: a new event, a store update and a daily gift of keys from chests. The developer explains the lack of updates as temporary difficulties and promises to work hard on Lubenia.

News number 15

Suspects: Mystery Mansion has long been Season 2, and as of June 10, a new map is the Hotel. In honor of this event, partners will be giving away 5 prizes of 240 gems each, just enough for a premium pass, which I will do on June 11 during the live broadcast. Fly in!

News number 16

A couple of weeks ago a clip came out Jah khalib in collaboration with Free Fire, and recently a backstage was released.

News number 17

Structure Navi vincere by Brawl Stars ranked second in BrawlMSTRS Spring 2021 and cut down $ 1200. First place and $ 2000 went to the Spanish Ac Milan Qlash

News number 18

Minion Minion Game Minion rush downloaded 1 billion

News number 19

Asus has announced Russian prices for the “most powerful smartphone” in the world. ROG Phone 5 will be available in 3 versions: 8/128, 12/256, 16/256.

News number 20

Since June 9, instead of downloading the apk of Albion online from the official website with the phrase “we do not support the mobile version here, we are only testing it”, the game can be downloaded from the Play Market and the App Store. In honor of the release, players have access to a free skin for a horse and 100,000 Glory. An open world where the economy is created by the players themselves is waiting for you.

News number 21

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero by Xin Yuan Studio Cut 80% of Mobile Monthly Revenue in Less than Two Weeks Sony… Earned over $ 4.14 million, on the first day about $ 200,000 and a week later for almost $ 500,000 every day, 84% from the United States. The fighting game is based on the manga and anime My Hero Academia, you can play as Izuku Midoriya, or as another hero. Info from AppMagic.

News number 22

From 28 to 30 May in Singapore was held Free Fire World Series 2021… The third place was taken by the team from Russia ($ 100,000), the second – by LOUD ($ 250,000), the first – by the team from Thailand ($ 500,000).

News number 23

Nexon’s Nat Games is preparing for the global takeover of the world by chibi girls. As previously reported, the Blue Archive was already released in Japan on February 4, and now it is the turn of the world.

News number 24

Inspired by anime, the mobile RPG Knights Chronicle celebrates its 3rd birthday. The anniversary events will run from May 27th to June 24th.

News number 25

In connection with the wishes of the audience, we will collaborate with the developers of applications and services for the study of foreign languages. Negotiations are still in progress, but the chosen Japanese will soon be taught together on streams.

In addition to all the other news of the channel, do not forget about the draws for Last Day on Earth: Survival from Kefir on the channel nodonation_mobile on Thursdays. We continue to play the story in the 15th season as an assistant sheriff, and at the end of the season, a deep immersion in the online game in the crater and the previously planned simultaneous game from 2 smartphones are planned. Plus, there will be raffles in the crater in-game items.

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