C3plus – cartoon arcade game on Android with hints of League of Legends and Brawl Stars

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Since Brawl Stars is so popular, some developers are trying to replicate its success. To do this, you need the following: cartoon graphics, rigorous training and vertical gameplay. Meet – C3plus. We will be fighting enemy mobs in the lanes and in the forest (hello League of Legends: Wild Rift). You can hide in the bushes, and for the “cleaning” of the forest, our hero is pumped.

By the way, you can influence the outcome of the battle not only on one part of the map. For example, if you see that the enemies are fighting with another boss, but they are not nearby, then just launch a warm and friendly rocket there. Gold, materials and new heroes can be knocked out of loot boxes. There are no items to buy, so tactical lovers will not enter. By the way, the matches are held in the 3 vs 3 format. We are promised random missions, as well as combinations of heroes.

An early version of C3plus is already available on Android. You can download the project through TapTap… Google Play will probably need an account and VPN in Southeast Asia. This is a shareware project with microtransactions.

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