Call of Duty 3 download torrent For PC

Call of Duty 3 download torrent For PC The developers of Summoners War: Chronicles told and showed the combat system

Call of Duty 3 download torrent

Without any ceremony, we offer you a game call of duty 3 download, because it’s part of a one-of-a-kind shooter that is one of the most popular in the world. This game can be played dozens of times until it is “worn to holes” – figuratively speaking (I wonder, does anyone know whose phrase this is from? What horror is it taken from? Anyone who knows can take an apple pie off the shelf).

The plot of Call of Duty 3

Private Nichols arrives at a US military camp on July 19, 1944. He is immediately tested for his ability to shoot and throw grenades. After passing the test, he is immediately told to prepare for the offensive. Together with Private Huxley, they go to the town of Saint-Lo in order to clean it up. While they are driving, shelling suddenly begins, and Private Bueller, who was running after the truck, is killed. The truck overturns and Nichols passes out. Waking up, he follows the commander into the city. In the city, they still carry out a sweep, albeit not as large-scale as they planned before. A new character appears – Private First Class Salvatore Guzzo. While the heroes decide what to do next, the Germans launch a counterattack. Reinforcements arrive with Sherman tanks for the Americans, which forces the Germans to hastily retreat.

Saint-Lo is now under the control of the American army. A few days later, our main character is already near Forest Island. His mission is to break through the Axis forces and clear the area. This is not easy, and the situation is turning to the allied forces by various parties. A long and intense battle ensues. Then we are again transported a few days ahead. The story is told about the downed Halifax bomber and those who flew it. Doyle, Keith, Ingram, and two jeeps evacuate, but Doyle’s parachute becomes entangled in the branches of a tree and he passes out. While he is unconscious, one of their squad is killed by a Wehrmacht soldier, and now Doyle’s turn is approaching. But, fortunately for him, there is a French resistance soldier named Pierre Laroche next to him. He kills a German soldier, and together with Doyle they go in search of Keith’s squad, which they successfully find. While already in France, they find new French soldiers and protect the surroundings from enemies.

Next, our main character will have to cover his comrade with a machine gun while he mines the bridge. McCullin, despite covering himself, is killed when a grenade explodes next to him. After his death, Michael Dixon becomes the commander of the detachment. In the next episode, we have to blow up tanks. On August 9, in Autun, Dale’s detachment and himself were tasked with sabotaging a warehouse. Again you have to deal with tanks. After that, Dixon brings two pieces of news, good and bad. The good news is that the Leyson River was crossed by the Canadians, the Black Baron’s tanks were destroyed by the Poles, and the Germans were pushed back to Chambois. Well, the bad news is that our squad is going there. The plot, for the most part, is represented by the tasks that our main character receives and performs. In time, it stretches from the date of Nichols’ arrival at the military unit until mid-August. In the final we have to participate in a series of battles to save France.

Call of Duty 3 gameplay

Those who have been playing this game for a long time probably do not need to be introduced to the gameplay of this game. They may just download call of duty 3 torrent on pcwithout even bothering to read this article. Moreover, the gameplay does not change much from part to part. The only big change that has been made is to increase the main character’s freedom of action. He can now drive a truck and a jeep, use a tank and drive a boat. These innovations are justified, first of all, by the plot of the game. When the character is sitting in the boat, he will have to row the oars himself. A cooperative game mode is also available, but it is exclusive and not for the PC platform. The single player game includes 15 missions. They are divided between four campaigns – American, Polish, Canadian, British. The plot, as in the previous parts, is linear. The game has a large selection of weapons. For each side, the type of a weapon may differ. For example, Canada has Colt pistols, and France has Webley.

Multiplayer game

A maximum of 24 players can play in multiplayer mode. Players can, at their choice, play as an infantryman or control various vehicles, in particular, tanks. Jeeps and motorcycles are also available for driving. In addition, the player has the opportunity to choose a class for himself, that is, for example, to be an orderly or a sniper. The characteristics and skills of the character depend on the choice of class. The orderly doesn’t know how to fight well, but he runs very fast and can hit hard with his butt. If you have a console at home, then you can play on split-screen with three friends. At the same time, the split-screen is divided not into four, but into two parts. This is a kind of cooperative.


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