Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout: For fans of the royal battle and beginners

image3 67 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Blackout: For fans of the royal battle and beginners

The Blackout mode is a complete novelty in the Call of Duty series – this type of gameplay has not yet been seen in any version of the series. Therefore, for many fans, this is probably the first contact with Battle Royale.

This mode is governed by completely different rules than the traditional multiplayer mode. It’s just shooting and moving, but we fight and move in completely different circumstances.

The map is huge (as far as Call of Duty is concerned, it’s actually a bit smaller than the Fortnite location), we need to find weapons, and stay out of the safe zone, always keep an eye on our rivals.

Below are the most important tips and tricks that will be helpful for all newbies as well as those who need to slightly change their habits in other battle royale games.

By controlling the angle of incidence, you can increase the speed – this is very important

Blackout – how to play

The most important is the choice of landing site. Upon opening the map at the start of a match, the helicopter’s flight path can be seen before jumping. Landing as far away from it as possible will ensure that you are not likely to meet another player at the landing site.

On the other hand, many players land in places that are close to the flight line. It is in these places that the firefight happens most quickly, and it is also more difficult to get good weapons if we do not land first.

Other elements of the game are also important:

Avoid vehicles unless you are very far from the edge of the safe zone. If you open the map and see that you’re inside the white circle or close to the border, using a vehicle won’t help you much – and you can still avoid the blue area on foot. Vehicles draw attention only to you.

If you’re playing in a group, use voice chat. You can use it even when playing with strangers, and the often transmitted information can affect the opponent.

Choose a variety of weapons. It is best to have a weapon for two purposes – for close combat and long range. The ideal combination is a sniper rifle and a submachine gun, but there is also a good assault rifle or tactical rifle combined with a rifle.

You don’t need to play aggressively. Sometimes you can win the whole game with one kill – the last one. You can stick to the border, move slowly and hide. However, this style of play won’t bring much rewards in the form of experience points.

Collect ammo. Even for a weapon that you don’t have – you don’t know if you will find such a weapon after a while.

Aim for the head, or at least try. If the opponent has armor, torso shots do less damage, which is worth remembering.

Embark on a journey to the zombies. You will find them in places marked with blue light pillars – in such places you will find many weapons, including those from zombie mode.

Don’t forget to heal yourself. You may not be used to Call of Duty, but using first aid kits is very important. Some will even raise HP to 200 points.

At the last stage of the game, when there are few players left, try not to be open. It is best to jump from building to building. Once inside, you are safe enough – listen carefully and keep an eye on the area.

image2 179 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Blackout: For fans of the royal battle and beginners

Also do not forget to activate the found perks

No one is a master of martial royale from the start. Especially if you haven’t played PUBG or Fortnite before, you need some time to develop the right habits.


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