Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Class Creation

image3 79 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Class Creation

As in every Call of Duty, we can use one of the five classes prepared by the creators in multiplayer mode (we must do this before the fifth level), but there is no good reason not to create our own class.

The Create Class option becomes active when we reach experience level 5. Then we can choose any weapons, strengths and accessories – from those that we naturally unlocked. We will unlock more items as we progress.

It’s best to create multiple classes at once – there are 6 slots available for your class, so we have plenty of wiggle room. When we spend some time in the game and get different additions to weapons and perks, it’s worth creating different classes with the same weapon but with different additions.

You can play with a silenced assault rifle with the benefits of hiding from enemy radar, or with the same weapon, but combined with a large caliber, long barrel and perks that promote aggressive, offensive play.

Class Services

It’s worth adding that it’s best to choose a weapon that is simply the most comfortable – and after gaining practice and experience, consider choosing a weapon that is objectively better.

Therefore, we choose the main weapon from several categories. A very good choice here is the Mog 12 rifle available from the start. Two accurate shots kill an enemy with a full life bar.

When it comes to gear, we recommend Stimpack or Armor items.

On the tab, we can select skills that change characteristics and give various passive bonuses to our soldier. The most used and most versatile set: Scavenger, Lightweight and Spirit. Other combinations are already on the situation.

Special weapons are unlocked from level 29 – and only one type. But in this tab, the (or more commonly used) class abilities of the Specialist may appear. Here we will find Molotov cocktails, a fragmentation grenade or a throwing axe.

Maps are also very important. Thanks to them, we can modify the class more deeply – by activating, for example, the ability to install additional parts of the main weapon or equip it with a large number of assets. Here we will also activate the special operator modes unlocked for each weapon when upgraded to the maximum level.

image2 26 1 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Class Creation

Of course, the entire class creation system is based on the traditional Pick 10 solution from Treyarch for Call of Duty. So we have 10 equipment points and each weapon, bonus, asset uses 1 point.

Therefore, we decide whether we want to deprive ourselves of the secondary weapon, thanks to the saved point, install one additional addition to the main weapon, or it can deactivate the third asset, and instead receive, for example, a Wild Card.


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