Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – How to use Wild Cards

Wild Cards are a very important element of character customization and class creation in many versions of Call of Duty, including Black Ops 4. Thanks to them, we can choose slightly less typical equipment sets.

These cards change the available modification options for our soldier. For example, we can use them to equip one of the additional weapons as the main one.

Here we will describe the most useful cards and indicate what to use depending on our preferences related to the game.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Create Your Own Multiplayer menu has all items unlocked, so it’s a good place to experiment with different gear and weapon combinations.

Best Wild Cards

Some cards are more interesting – even one that allows you to equip two main weapons (one instead of a secondary weapon). But there are also those who sometimes seem almost indispensable.

The Special card offers us one more cell to add the main weapon. By default, you can install two add-ons, but cards of this type allow more, which can seriously improve our weapons. We get a maximum of 5 additional fields (because we have access to 3 specification cards from the main one).

Cards allow a soldier to specialize and adapt to specific conditions. Thanks to them, we can equip the benefits of one category in 3 fields – by default we have 1 slot for one category. This allows you to combine, for example, the Speed ​​Lightweight with increased agility and faster weapons.

Wild Cards are an asset that allows you to equip additional assets beyond the main three. This will make our character more efficient, but of course at the expense of other units.

An important card is also the modification of the main operator.

As a reminder, Wild Cards are also subject to the system “Peak 10” – that is, 10 equipment points that we spend on each item in the class creation menu. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about weapons, weapon attachments, accessories or Wild Cards – everything is worth 1 point.

So, for example, if we want to equip a main weapon with 5 add-ons, we must equip 3 Wild Cards.


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