Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – the best weapons

image2 77 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - the best weapons

As in other parts of Call of Duty, also in Black Ops 4, we can create our own character class (in practice, choose a set of equipment) after reaching level 5 in multiplayer mode. This should happen after a few matches.

When we unlock the “Create Class” option, we can freely choose weapons from various categories: assault rifles, machine guns, tactical rifles, RKMs and sniper rifles. Shotguns are a secondary weapon in Black Ops 4.

Below we’ve listed what we think are the best weapon types in the new Call of Duty, with a focus on the ones that work best in the first hours of the game. We also describe the ones that we will unlock after some time.

What weapon to choose?

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – in multiplayer mode – we get 20 main weapons. As usual, a lot depends on your personal preferences. Even if one sniper rifle is great, not everyone will enjoy using this type of weapon.

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We’ve prepared a rundown of the best weapons, especially to get you started.


This submachine gun is available from the start, as soon as we get the opportunity to create a class. At the same time, this is the most effective and most versatile PM in all of Black Ops 4 (in multiplayer, not necessarily in Blackout).

It is not effective at long range, but players with a trained eye can take out even distant targets, especially after unlocking the sights. Works best at medium to close range. Ideally, if we equip it with a rate of fire function.

Only later, after level 40, can we replace this weapon with Cordite or Saug 9mm – the latter is already objectively better, but we will get access to it after many hours of play.


The most versatile assault rifle in the new Call of Duty. We will unlock it relatively early. And up to level 25, it should be enough for several hours spent in multiplayer mode.

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This rifle is the equivalent of the AK-47. It works great on any map, and with the right accessories, it can work great at almost any distance.

Auger DMR

An amazingly fast-firing tactical rifle. Usually 3-4 bullets are enough to destroy the enemy. A great alternative for players who don’t like sniper rifles but want to keep their distance.

Paladin HB50

This is the first sniper rifle available immediately after unlocking the class creation option. It is also one of the best weapons in the game. Kills enemies with one shot in the head area (we can even hit the base of the neck and the enemy will die in most cases). If the opponent is already slightly injured, even a shot in the leg is enough.

Of course, the style of sniper play takes some getting used to. The aiming time is longer compared to other weapons, but the consequences are much more deadly.

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