Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 tips for beginners

image2 79 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 tips for beginners

– Remember that Black Ops 4 is the first Call of Duty in years that doesn’t feature full automatic health regeneration. From time to time you can inject a medicine that restores health (X on PC, L1/LB).

– If you haven’t played the beta and don’t remember Black Ops 3, you can play some missions. This is a set of simple lessons and challenges with multiplayer map challenges. You will get to know the talents and gadgets of each specialist.

– Machine guns are the most versatile in multiplayer mode. Maps with long straights are also good for rifles. Think about how you want to play and choose the right weapon type.

– You can carry two weapons with you in Blackout. Always try to have both long range and close range weapons (such as an assault rifle and a shotgun, or a sniper rifle and a submachine gun). Of course, your equipment depends on what you can find after landing.

– Spend time on one weapon. If you play well with one of the unlocked ones, try playing with it for a long time. This way you will quickly unlock accessories. Frequent change of equipment will inevitably prolong this process, because experience points go towards this weapon that we play with.

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– Look at the minimap. Especially in multiplayer mode, this can help a lot when the allied radar is active, or you can just see the enemy firing without a silencer. Remember also that the dull color of the red dot, symbolizing the enemy, means that he is lower or higher than you.

– Use vehicles carefully. They are available in the Blackout mode and, since they help you cover long distances faster, they attract the attention of your rivals. Even a small quad bike is quite loud and the helicopter is a guarantee that many opponents will follow your position or landing site.

– Play zombies with your friends. If you are playing with strangers, make sure they communicate and cooperate with you and others. Playing in this mode without proper coordination and cooperation can be annoying, and it’s a shame to spoil the good impression of the most extensive zombie mode in the history of the series.

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Multiplayer Interface

1) minimap with markings of the field of view of allies

2) character health points

3) healing ability (yellow – ready to use, gray – loading)

4) the main gadget of the hero

5) character’s auxiliary skill

6) cartridge counters

7) indicator of points and awards for the series

8) An icon indicating the place where an ally died

It is especially worth paying attention to the last point. Skull icons are very useful in field orientation. If you suddenly see such icons in building 2, you probably shouldn’t break in there, because two allies died there – it’s better to look for another way.

Specialists – character classes

As in Black Ops 3, the specialists are back in a new version. Each of them is distinguished by two gadgets – the main one and the side one. The latter may be used more often, and the primary may be seriously mixed up on the battlefield.

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In total we receive 10 specialists. It is worth trying to play for everyone. Some abilities are very situational. Here, we will exchange the best and versatile specialists to start with:

Battery is something for the fans. This character is the only one in multiplayer that can throw grenades. His main gadget is a powerful grenade launcher. Pure strength.

Recon is ideal for team support. Its touchpad detects and illuminates enemies in its area of ​​effect. Recon’s main gadget illuminates all enemies through walls for a few seconds.

Nomad – his main “gadget” – a fighting dog that runs around the map and bites enemies. Secondary equipment is also good, that is, a voltmeter. We plant mines anywhere, and if the enemy passes by, he takes a lot of damage.

Prophet – notable especially for Treker. This is a secondary gadget, a ground drone that tracks enemies and paralyzes them. His main skill is the stun rifle.


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