Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Zombi: Cruise of Despair

image13 13 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombi: Cruise of Despair

The RMS Titanic embarks on its tragic journey. Our heroes come on board in search of a valuable artifact, in the hope that it will shed some light on the secrets surrounding their journey.

The map of this scenario is very broad and intricate. There are many decks, hidden passages and teleports on the ship. Therefore, we recommend playing a few games, even with bots, to warm up and get used to the location.

This article focuses on the main storyline, but we also help you find magic weapons and various minor secrets.

We start the game at the bow of the ship when it hits the iceberg. The first goal we must take is to get to the stern, to the other end of the ship. There will be an artifact (1) waiting to be triggered by the action button.

Thanks to this, we will have access to the rest of the rooms, as well as the ability to play further. The path to the stern is easy – just open the next door locked with blue seals (unlock them by paying points for killing zombies).

In Course of Despair, as in the case of other scenarios, we only have access to the previously selected skills from the menu. We can buy them in four places.

The first skill point, or the statue of Danu (2), can be found right after the start of the game, on the bow deck.

The next figurine, this time the god Ra (3), can be found in the dining room.

Zeus is the next god (4). We find it at the first class level, below the canteen level. Last on the list is Odyn (5). The statue will be in the engine room, under the place where we found the artifact.

image2 65 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombi: Cruise of Despair

Weapon Protection (Puck-A-Punch)

After activating the artifact, four orange boulders will appear on the aft deck of the ship. After activating all four, a vehicle will appear to improve the arsenal.

The order of activation of the boulders does not matter, however, instead of the latter, an improvement device will be created.

The first stone (6) is in the hold below where we start the game. When we get to the right place, we have to dive and swim to the stern.

Another place with a stone is the main, large staircase in the middle. On the last level is a boulder (7).

The latter is located in the engine room (8). Just like in the hold, we dive here.

The last boulder will be at the stern of the ship (9). In our opinion, this is the best place for a car, due to the large amount of open space around.

image3 70 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombi: Cruise of Despair

To pump out water from the hold or from the machine, unscrew the valves that maintain the water level. In the first location, the valves (10) are to the right of the boulder we activated earlier.

To do this, we swim to the bow. When we cross the door (11) and find ourselves in the boiler room, turn right and unscrew the valve (12).

image4 56 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombi: Cruise of Despair

Ballistic Shield

This shield can be built from three pieces scattered around the map.

The first component can be found in luxury rooms (13). This is the area near where we started the game. The object will be on one of the chairs or on a shelf.

Another item will be waiting on the floor above. We can collect it near the bridge (14).

The last part before entering the engine room (15). It will be attached to one of the walls or lying on a pile of wooden boxes.

image5 36 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombi: Cruise of Despair

Having created weapons at the table, which is located near the stern of the ship, we can attack from a machine gun located nearby.

We can get the magical weapon called Kraken in two ways. One of them is to simply get a weapon from a mysterious box. The second, longer, but surer way is to get it from the Kraken himself.

To start the process, we must be sure that we have activated the artifact and that we have access to all possible doors.

The next item on the list is to kill the smoker (16). This is a fiery, tall zombie that attacks us with his sword. Collect the key that you find after death.

image6 40 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombi: Cruise of Despair

Then find a large wooden box with gold coins. She can spawn in one of five possible locations.

The first of these is the post office (17). The chest can spawn next to the stairs. We can also find it in the turbine chamber (18), to the right of the teleporter.

Another chest is in the pantry, surrounded by meat hanging on hooks. The penultimate location is the Caboose (19). When we go down the emergency stairs from the middle deck, the chest should be right after entering the room.

The last place will be first class rooms on level C, next to the main staircase (20).

image7 28 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombi: Cruise of Despair

Having found and opened the chests, we fill them with the souls of zombies. To do this, you must kill about 20 dead people around the treasury.

The chest will disappear and appear in one of five locations. The process of filling the soul must be repeated two more times.

When the chest appears for the fourth time, we will be able to see the object. This is the element that we will find on the map.

If the binoculars (21) appear in the trash can, they will be on the bow of the ship. When it is the compass (22), we go to the deck of the boat. It will lie on the starboard side. Globe (23) is on the other side of the port.

The protractor (24) is on the starboard side towards the end, on the deck of the lifeboat. The last element is the telescope (25), which is located at the stern.

When we approach one of the items that was in the box, the Kraken will use its tentacle and throw out the weapon.

image8 26 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombi: Cruise of Despair

Kraken Upgrades

To improve the Kraken, we need to activate the artifact and the strengthening machine. We can get it by lottery in a mysterious box, or we can get it in the way described above.

The next step is to collect three items from the ship. The first part will be taken from the hold (26) located under the bow of the ship. It lies on one of the chests.

The second part can be found in the first class salons (27). The last item will be on the table in the galley (28). After collecting the details, we will improve the weapon.

image9 22 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombi: Cruise of Despair

The next step is to assemble the fourth, final element. This includes killing a special zombie associated with one of the elements of ice, fire, acid, or electricity.

flying skeleton

First of all, we will activate the artifact in order to have access to more rooms. Secondly, we collect parts and build a ballistic shield.

In the post office, put on the shield and click on the safe. Thanks to this, we will be able to raise a device that breaks the ciphers in the lockers.

The next step may seem rather complicated. We find four bones and corresponding numbers. We recommend saving the number and type of bones because they are random.

The first bone (29) is on the bottom shelf of the mailbox, behind the safe. Under the right leg of the furniture we find a small card with a four-digit code.

The second bone (30), or rather the hand, is on the table in the same room. It is located on the right side of the stairs. We’ll find the code between the table legs.

The next location is on the top floor behind the tables where the skull lies. Behind it we find a wooden box with glass bottles. They should be knocked down, and read the code (31) from the level of the stairs.

The foot bone (32) is in the hold, a room under the post office. You must pump out the water. The bone box is under one of the white metal pillars. The code is to the right of it.

image10 21 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombi: Cruise of Despair

The next step is to find four small safes. On each of them we place an encryption device and insert a bone inside that matches the number that appears on the machine.

Having inserted the appropriate element, we repeat the operation for each of the safes.

  • The first safe (33) can be found in the captain’s room on the bridge.
  • The other one (34) will be in the room where the statuette of Zeus is located.
  • The third (35) is in the millionaire apartments on board C.
  • The fourth (36) and last is in one of the corridors that leads to the engine room.

image11 18 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombi: Cruise of Despair

When all the bones match, we go to the hold. To the left of the portal is a large chest with a machine. When we press the interact button, the car will completely disappear.

We have no choice but to admire the beautiful views from outside the deck.

Sinking song

When we find all the four-color markers on the map, we will hear a special song prepared for the needs of this scenario.

The first green button (37) is located on the chest under the stairs on the right, leading to the captain’s bridge.

To find the second blue button (38), go down to the last floor of the big stairs and go to the mysterious box. Then turn around and look in the upper right corner. The button is located on the beam.

image12 16 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombi: Cruise of Despair

The third red button (39) is on the middle deck in one of the lifeboats. The last purple button (40) is on the stern between the rope and the crates.


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