Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Zombie: Despair Cruise – Boss: how to activate combat?

image5 38 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: Despair Cruise - Boss: how to activate combat?


We need to find four characters (out of six possible) that will be assigned a specific time. We recommend that you carefully draw the following symbols with the corresponding hours.

The first symbol can be found behind the boxes, on the stairs leading to the engine room. Opposite there will be a clock, and on them a certain hour. The second one will be waiting in the galley (1), next to the zombie nailed to the wall. In the same room (1) there is also a clock.

The next one is in the place where we buy the skill from the figurine of Zeus (2). Standing at the mysterious box, we look to the left, where we find a symbol painted under the candlestick. The clock will be above the fireplace (2).

The fourth is to the left of the Spitfire weapon, on the top floor of the main staircase. The clock is built into the wall. The penultimate one will be on the bridge under the captain’s desk. The clock is suspended above the instruments for moving the ship.

The latter can be found under the stairs between the floors of the post office. A small clock will be near the door leading to the hold.

We then return to the bridge (3) to the previously mentioned symbol devices. Using the action button, move the lever on the device to the exact position of the minute hand on the corresponding clock. After moving the four levers in the right direction, we head to the stern of the ship, to the steering wheel.

Now we will enter the hour hand. The car (4) to the left of the circle corresponds to a triangle with a line in the middle. A triangle pointing down with a line is synchronized with the machine on the right.

image2 67 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: Despair Cruise - Boss: how to activate combat?

We go to the engine room, where we find the statue of Odin. From it we go down and see four cars (5), two of which are broken. The lever in the lower left corner corresponds to the symbol of a regular triangle, and on the right, the triangle points downwards. When we have everything installed, we will notice the fourth crystal in the menu.

The first area is a corridor leading to the engine room (6), next to the stairs. The next window will be at the stern of the ship that the zombies are coming from. The third nest is to the left of the statue of Zeus (7).

The fourth is at the top of the stairs between the symbol and the clock. The penultimate one is located near the statue of Ra, and the last one is in luxurious rooms.

image3 72 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: Despair Cruise - Boss: how to activate combat?

Each of the sockets will light up in a different color. In the room with each socket, a different type of zombie will spawn, which will open a portal. We recommend saving the type of zombie killed in a specific room. This information will be useful in the next step.

Portals created by killing certain zombies will lead to mini-boss battles. The order of entrance to the portals (according to the types of zombies): acid, water, electricity and fire.

Boss fights can be relatively easy if we are well prepared for them. We recommend a few upgrades and ownership of the Kraken.

After killing all four enemies, we will receive a new artifact.

To complete this step, we’ll need the Acid Kraken Upgrade.

While in the turbine chamber, we must shoot the improved kraken at the blue valves that spray water. The valve is skipped if a shot marker appears.

After the end of the round, a machine will appear in which we will insert the artifact obtained earlier.

This is the last step before the boss fight and at the same time the most difficult one. The first thing we need to do is find the symbols of the nine planets.

The sun symbol (8) can be found on the prow of the ship. Then go down to the post office. There will be a symbol for Mercury (9). In the millionaires’ rooms, under one of the tables, you will find the Venus symbol (10).

At the bottom of the large staircase, the symbol of the Moon will appear (11), and in the engine room opposite the portal of Mars (12). In the same place you will find Jupiter (13). Saturn (14) in the captain’s room.

Uranus (15) can be found in bathrooms in luxury rooms. Last on the list is Neptune (16) who is in one of the lifebuoys on the aft deck.

Having activated all the planets, we go into the hold. On the left side of the portal there will be a model of the planetary system.

image4 58 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: Despair Cruise - Boss: how to activate combat?

After launching the model, the planets will begin to glow in a certain order. We recommend saving the planets and remembering how far the planet is from the sun on the model layout. We’re going on board.

We shoot the planets in the order they appeared on the model. The planets will revolve around the Sun, except for the Moon on the starboard side or Neptune floating in the water.

Each downed planet will fall on the ship near the place where the corresponding symbol was located. Hurry because time is limited.

After collecting each planet, all players must press the interact button on the sun. We will be transferred to an alternative version of the Titanic. Barriers should be thawed as soon as possible and launched at the stern of the ship. We recommend using the Kraken or a special weapon.

At the end of the ship you will find a portal to fight the main enemy.


Before entering the portal, we recommend equipping the most modernized KM-54, which we will purchase from the wall at the stern of the ship. Being able to buy extra ammo during the last phase of the boss fight will definitely help us.

The first two stages of the battle consist of killing waves of enemies and mini-bosses. The third tour takes place in luxurious rooms, where the corridors are very cramped. We recommend leaning out of the laundry room and shooting the main enemy in the eyes.

The penultimate battle takes place in the port of the ship, where the boss has more field to attack. Players should share missions, where some focus on dealing damage to the main enemy, while others drive away zombies.

The last stage takes place at the stern of the ship. The big eye will shoot from three different directions, causing successive waves of zombies. We recommend a similar tactic as during the penultimate phase.

With each subsequent damage inflicted on the enemy, he becomes even stronger. After three stages of combat, the eye explodes, and we can enjoy the final scenes and a new, rare achievement.


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