Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Zombie: Gladiator Among the Undead

In this scenario, we play as one of four heroes: Scarlett, Diego, Bruno, Shaw. We are transported thousands of years back to the ancient Colosseum, where we become victims of a sinister ritual. We face a brutal fight in the arena of gladiators against waves of paranormal opponents standing in our way to the High Priest of Chaos.

The following guide shows all the hidden flavors that map IX has to offer. From the way to upgrade and arsenal, to the acquisition of a unique weapon – the Death of Orion.

Weapon Protection (Puck-A-Punch)

After the start of the game in the center of the arena, we can see four buildings of the gods (1). It is in them that we can buy pre-selected skills. Entering the towers of Danu and Ra, we hit the gong (2) and kill the summoned enemy (3).

After collecting the head, go to the lower level and get to the other two towers to kill the next mini-bosses.

Having collected all four heads, we go to the middle of the lower level or temple (4). There we fill the loot on wooden piles (5) and wait a few seconds. Now we can improve our weapons by 5000 points.

All weapons except magic can be upgraded a total of five times. Each subsequent upgrade gives us 25% more damage.

Construction of the Bronze Bull

The Bronze Bull Shield is one of several items that we can build by finding some parts scattered all over the map.

We can find the first component in Odin’s tower (6). It can lie on one of three levels. The second element is the blade, which rests on one of the white statues in the tower of Zeus (7). The last piece can be found on the upper level of the Altar of Ra (8).

Having found all the parts, we go to the underworld and look for Jama. There is a table where we can create a shield. This is an additional piece of equipment, so it will not replace any weapon. With the help of the Bronze Bull, we can attack at close range or fire magical projectiles.

Remember that the shield has its endpoints. When we lose a shield, we can buy it again for 1500 points at any time.

acid trap

At the start of the game, cut the line that holds the banner at one of the four entrances to the towers. This will start a series of challenges for which we will be rewarded with weapons or temporary bonuses. After completing the three trials, a bowl (9) will appear in the middle of the arena, which you need to take.

Then we go to the temple, where we find a chain (10) and equipment (11). They lie against the wall in a small corridor.

After receiving a set of parts, we go to one of several places on the map to build a trap. These are stairs between levels in the towers of Odin or Zeus (12) or paths leading to buildings dedicated to Ra or Dan (13). In each of these places we find a skull. By holding the button, we will build a corrosive acid trap.

Death of Orion

After activating the Weapon and creating the Acid Pit, we can try to find the magic weapon Orion’s Death.

Leaving the temple, we find a bowl of fire (14) in the window between the temple of Ra and Danu. Shoot the bowl to make it fall off the platform. Then we go to the surface and go to the bridge between the aforementioned temples. Directly under the bridge you will see an arrow (15) pointing to one of the towers.

If the arrow points to the tower of Ra, you can find the stone in Ra’s burial chamber (16). If it’s Danu’s tower, you must go to the dungeon where the tree grows. In one of the puddles (17) you will find the statue’s face. When the arrow points to the Odin towers, the piece is next to the cauldron (18) in the basement of the tower. The last option where we can find the statue is the tower of Zeus. The element can be found in the corner of the blood bath (19).

Once we have a marble head, we can place it in an acid trap. After activation, we will find something on the drainage grate (20).

Having found the element, we must survive the whole round without leaving the arena and keeping the crowd level at the maximum level. The crowd can throw various bonuses, but raising one of them can result in a decrease in the favor of the audience. At some point, the announcer will say “Gift of Serket”, which means that the crowd threw a yellow vase (21) into the arena.

Then we will go to the dome of the Danu tower where the tree grows. There you will find a hole (22) that you need to hit with a weapon. The juice will pour out exactly one round. We can pick up the vase when it’s full and the juice stops flowing.

Then go to the place where the mysterious chest is located. Approach the left leg and a message about poisoning the box will appear (23).

When we get the weapon, we can upgrade it in the Enhancing Machine for 5000 points. Then we get Serketa Kiss.

Mad Mad Hatter

After finding and shooting each of the four multi-colored buttons scattered throughout the towers of the gods, we’ll hear the Mad Hatter’s song from the promotional film announcing Map IX in this year’s edition of Call of Duty.

The first purple button (24) is in the altar of Zeus, on the platform of the statue that stands next to the mysterious chest. The second green button (25) is on the top panel of the stairs, which can be found by leaning in through the window at the entrance to Dana’s Tower. Another blue button (26) is located behind the bars in the first room of Odin’s tower. The last red button (27) is located between the boxes in Ra’s treasury.


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