Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Zombie: How to Survive to the End

image4 60 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: How to Survive to the End

The following tutorial provides basic knowledge about the mechanics of the Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. With this information, you will be able to survive as long as possible.

This mode can be played alone or with a group of up to three friends. We recommend that you explore all the maps along with bots that will help us every step of the way. Our main task is to kill successive waves of undead and survive as long as possible.

The number of zombies increases with each subsequent round. Depending on the map, we may encounter different types of zombies or mini-bosses, such as the gladiator at IX on the Blood of the Living Corpses map.


During the initial waves, it is recommended to kill enemies with a knife. Two or three hits are enough, which are awarded the most points. This is how we save ammo.


A lot of information on the screen can overwhelm many people. We explain each element that appears in the player interface.

  1. The name of the room.
  2. Round number.
  3. Tasks. (Only on IX)
  4. The number of lives left.
  5. Hero.
  6. Number of points.
  7. The number of health points.
  8. crowd level. (Only on IX)
  9. Skills. (Purchased highlighted)
  10. Special weapon. The weapon is ready to use.
  11. Number of additional equipment.
  12. The name of the weapon.
  13. The number of weapons you have.
  14. Ammunition level.
  15. Chosen Potions.


Players receive points (money) that they can then spend on buying new weapons, traps or upgrades. For each hit on the enemy, we get a certain amount of points. The most important is how the enemy loses the last point of health.

We will get the most money for killing with a knife. This is an especially important practice in the first few rounds where we have to open another door.

Headshots are just as effective. The damage dealt by this method takes more hit points and thus saves a lot of ammo.

Last on the list are murders committed by shots to other parts of the body or by a grenade.


Having lost the last points of life, we fall from our feet. Our allies will be able to heal us, but only for a limited time.

At this stage, we can shoot at enemies with a pistol or other light weapons. Ammo is enough for several clips, and movement speed is reduced to a minimum.

If the time is up, we die and wait for the next round or respawn to begin. Zombie mode also introduced the possibility of self-healing. We will get them by completing tasks.

Barriers and Doors

As mentioned earlier, players can spend points to unlock subsequent parts of the map. Barriers (16) hide previously inaccessible pieces of equipment or machines with benefits.

Zombies usually appear outside of the accessible parts of the map for players. They go through windows (17), doors and holes in the wall, which we can repair with extra points.

image2 70 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: How to Survive to the End


A popular tactic is to gather a crowd of zombies. When all the dead run in the same group behind the character, we turn around and shoot them in the head.

This tactic is useful in the later stages when we don’t have time to kill each enemy in turn.

image3 74 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: How to Survive to the End


Constantly fighting the dead and simultaneously buying weapons or trump cards can be difficult. “Creepers” is a term created by the Call of Duty Zombie community to make this easier.

By blowing up a grenade, rocket or other explosive weapon, we can kill zombies. An enemy crawling on the ground gives us more time to shop.


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