Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Zombie: IX – Boss, how to activate combat

image7 29 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: IX - Boss, how to activate combat

Each of the scenarios in zombie mode is not just a series of waves of the dead, opening doors and individual secrets. This is also a tricky way to activate a hidden boss fight.

Here we will tell you how to activate the boss on map IX.

Weapon Upgrade, Orion’s Death, Bronze Bull

The first steps to follow is to defeat the tower masters as soon as possible and build a weapon upgrade machine. Then we create an acid trap and infect a mysterious chest to get Orion’s Death.

In the meantime, while completing the above tasks, we are looking for a skull (1) in the temple, in one of the places marked in the picture (2).

After finding it, we will activate our special weapon. The skull should come off and be ready to be lifted.

We go into the flooded crypt and look for a meat grinder. After pressing the interact button, the skull will be in the middle, and with the help of “Death of Orion” we will fire three charged projectiles at the car.

After a few seconds, we kick up a green pile of dust.

Wood and waste

During the 10th round, the first gladiator will appear. This is one of the strongest opponents, thanks to powerful armor and strong attacks.

We need to get a piece of wood from one of the piles in the main arena. We are far enough away from the enemy, hiding behind one of the piles and trying to get the gladiator to throw an ax at us. He must hit the stake, and we will take the firewood.

We go with him to the tower Odin, where we put firewood in the hearth (3). After a few rounds, the tree turns black and we can pick it up again, now in the form of coal.

During the game, we increase the level of the crowd. It rises when we kill enemies and falls when we take damage.

When the red thumb points down, the crowd will give us a feces (4), which will take away some points. By going into the blue glow, we will collect the ingredient.

image2 68 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: IX - Boss, how to activate combat

The next item is the placement of faeces, coal and debris from the ground skull into a bowl (5) in the bath, under the tower of Zeus. After two rounds, the mix will begin to shine and we will transfer it to the bottom of the Tower of Danu, between the trees.

Danu Tower

It (6) will start glowing green after two full rounds. Then kill the enemy with an upgraded fire ammo weapon. We will get it after we insert any weapon into the Reinforcing Machine.

The moth will turn blue and cracks will appear in the room. All players must stand in the middle and kill zombies. At this stage, it can be useful to use special weapons and elixirs. By holding the action button, we will be teleported to the alternate reality of Danu’s tower.

There we must destroy the red flowers (7) on the tree. We have to complete the process on three floors. After completing the mission, players will be teleported back to the map.

image3 73 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: IX - Boss, how to activate combat

Ra Tower

Four bullish symbols will appear in different places (8) . We shoot without using a shield. When the picture lights up, kill the summoned gladiator.

Possible symbol locations:

  • Wooden bridge between Odin and Ra towers. Between stairs and wall.
  • The flooded crypt. We look through the door from which the zombies come out. The symbol hangs over the table.
  • Tunnel after leaving Danu tower. The bull can be found in the small gate.
  • Exit from the temple on the side of Zeus. We’ll find the symbol behind the vine.
  • In one of the windows of the room where we build the shield.
  • In the temple above. Look through the broken barrier.
  • Burial chamber of Ra. We shoot through a hole in the wall.
  • Arena in the center of the main building.
  • Window to the right of the statue of Dan. The symbol will be outside the window.

When all the gladiators are killed, their souls will fly to the pillar in the tower of Ra.

After teleporting to another reality of the Tower of Ra, the obelisk will start showing symbols (9). They mark the enemies and the order in which they must be killed.

The process should be carried out twice. If we make a mistake, we will start again in the next round.

image4 59 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: IX - Boss, how to activate combat

After completing the tests in both towers, four small turntables will appear on the map, which we shoot until they reach the ceiling.

The first one is in the tunnel (10) to the left of the exit from the Tower of Ra. The next one will appear in the door (11). This is a small gate at the exit of the Danu tower. The third one is outside the window (12) in the crypt, and the last one will be waiting above the marble woman in the tunnel (13).

image5 39 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: IX - Boss, how to activate combat


When all counters are gone, we enter the main arena and start the challenge through the middle pillar in the arena.

In several different places, we will notice electrical rods. To charge the pillars, we kill zombies using weapons with Kill-O-Watt ammo. When zombies are infected, kill them.

When electricity flows, each player must move to the glowing orbs in the center of the arena. After a while, we will be teleported to a place where we have unlimited access to special weapons. After killing all the enemies, we will return to normal reality.


One of the last steps before entering the arena with the main opponent is to activate three different symbols using Secret Kiss.

To do this, each character must be shot from the correct spot. The first (14) of them can be found in the crypt. Stand to the right of the window and shoot through the chain.

The next one (15) will be on the Danu tunnel pillar. A shot just below the symbol should be enough. The last ones (16) can be found near the marble woman in the tunnels. When the statue is on our left, we shoot through two holes in the wall.

image6 42 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie: IX - Boss, how to activate combat

When the dot is constantly glowing blue, it means that we have taken a good shot.

The last task before the main battle is to survive the attacks of several waves of enemies.

All players should stand on a small table to the left of the table from which we select the shields.

After several stages of struggle, the water with the key under the plate will begin to rise. After the fight, we pick up the key and go to the arena. There, a portal will be waiting for us, through which we will go to the main battle.


After entering the teleport, we will be transferred to a large arena. There we fight two waves of enemies in the form of gladiators and tigers.

The next opponent will be an elephant. His attacks can kill us, so it is recommended to avoid attacks and hit sensitive points that will tear off the “command towers” on the elephant.

The last enemy we will fight is the second, slightly stronger elephant. The collision is no different – we repeat the same steps as for the previous elephant.

After killing an animal, we get a special video and a rare achievement “Venerable Adversary”.


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